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Welcome, you’ve reached Wild Water Plumbing, your local plumber Northern Beaches and North Shore! I’m Lucas, and with my team (Lucy – 4 legs, and Ben, Kurtis and Ollie) we service plumbing needs from Palm Beach to Neutral Bay. If you’re on the Northern Beaches or the North Shore of Sydney, we’re here to help.

Need a plumbing specialist for hot water installation and leak detection? We focus on the problem at hand and arrive fully equipped to limit the time we need to spend on the job. Everyone is in a hurry these days (especially with Sydney traffic) and no one wants to be inconvenienced by the problem in the first place – let alone left waiting for a plumber!

With over 11 years experience, we’ve likely crossed a problem like yours before. This makes us able to come prepared for a range of issues and able to provide solutions on the spot designed to suit your budget and fix the problem.

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Wild Water Plumbing

What Makes Us Special

After 11 years of sorting out plumbing problems across Sydney, the plumbers at Wild Water Plumbing have seen and solved it all! 

As Sydney locals, we know the lay of the land and legislation, giving us the insider knowledge needed to provide the pristine plumbing that makes your lifestyle possible. 

We rely on our reputation and customer recommendations; giving us every reason to rise to the occasion and stand out from the rest, as the best! But, the proof is in our promises.  

For Your Peace Of Mind

We’re a fully licensed and insured plumbing company, leaving no mess or malpractice behind. With us, you can sleep easy knowing that all your plumbing is up to code and your highest expectations! 

For Your Emergencies

We’re lucky enough to live and work locally, allowing us to lend a hand the moment an emergency strikes.

For Your Convenience

Forget directions and Sydney traffic; we’ll be at your door armed and ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!  

With us, you won’t be showered with surprise costs – we quote upfront so you know what you can expect!

As Sydney residents ourselves, we understand the costs of living. That’s why we offer affordable solutions and friendly advice!

Sydney Suburbs We Service:

Dee Why
Inner West
Sutherland Shire

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Positioned on the Northern Beaches, your plumber Northern Beaches services the wider North Shore and Northern Beaches areas of Sydney with ease. We are happy to help in a hurry and will be upfront about availability so we don’t keep you waiting. Your time is important to us so we want to ensure we don’t waste it. Calling a local plumbing specialist means you’ll get the quality expected of an affordable local plumber.



We run a tight ship and work clean. At all times we wear shoe covers, use drop sheets and keep the environment free of clutter. The site will be left cleaner than it was found – no one wants to clean up after a trades person. You can put away that sponge and rest easy knowing you aren’t going to need a cleaner after a visit from your local plumber.



We use the latest technology available to solve your plumbing woes. This allows us to work faster, cleaner and can save you time and money on labour. Our CCTV camera’s are able to work quickly to diagnose blockages, cracked and damaged pipes, tree roots and limited drainage situations. Knowing what and where the problem is upfront means the job is undertaken and resolved quicklyby your Sydney plumber.



We offer upfront pricing from quality trained, licensed plumbers (and fluffy sidekicks) that won’t drain your pockets. Being locals ourselves, we enjoy meeting our neighbours and discussing your needs as homeowners to resolve any plumbing issues quickly and cost effectively. We treat your home like our own and limit the impact of the work we need to carry out.


Lucas and his team did fantastic work at my father's house in Mosman. He also ordered and installed a new vanity unit in the bathroom. Very friendly and timely service during a period of high demand. Completed all the jobs the same day with very minimal disruption.
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Anne Souter
02:11 27 Jul 22
I couldn't recommend Lucas and his team highly enough! I contacted Lucas at 5pm and his team were on my doorstep at 8am the next morning (it wasn't even an emergency!). The team were professional, super knowledgeable, prompt and left everything tidy. Wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
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Ashleigh Fletcher
09:15 05 Jul 22
Lucas and his team were easy to work with. They completed a drainage job at our house in north balgowlah with ease. We were consulted throughout the process regularly, the team was courteous and polite and they cleaned up their work neatly. More importantly they ensured that the drainage they were doing would actually work. We'd use them again in a heart beat.
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Rhiannon Chapman
04:50 06 Jun 22
I was referred to Lucas and Wild water plumbing by a civil and structural engineer named Ted Bennett. I own a split-level home in Northern Beaches and had water ingress at the bottom floor during the heavy rainfalls in Sydney March 2022.Lucas was very friendly and professional and assessed the issue and came up with a great and affordable solution. Even though he and his team were booked up he still found time to help out which I greatly appreciated.All members of his team were very friendly and professional and provided top quality service within our agreed time frame.Lucas and his team went above and beyond and I can strongly recommend them.
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Fredrik Gewalt
10:08 04 Jun 22
Wild Water Plumbing was recommended to me as we desperately needed a sewer clean. I haven't had the best luck with plumbers with previous call outs, but after speaking with Lucas I felt very comfortable getting his team out for the job. Lucas was able to come out at short notice, and despite the job being harder than we both anticipated, there were no complaints. Except for Lucy (Lucas' dog) she refused to help and slept in the truck the whole time! Lucas was really easy to deal with, and I have no concerns about quality of work completed. I've even penciled in Lucas to complete the plumbing on our knock down rebuild. Throw away all the fridge magnets and delete hipages. Wild Water Plumbing is the only phone number you will need!
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Ben Kerr
00:15 02 Jun 22
Lucas and his team from Wild Water Plumbing gave exceptional, first class service- and were punctual. My initial request to Lucas was to locate a leak in the bathroom and while doing that he discovered a problem with the old hot water service. Lucas’s quote for a new service was competitive, detailed and my questions answered. Ben installed the new service, giving me relevant Information in relation to the service and the life time warranty on the various parts. Ben was very professional, friendly and left the working area as he found it. I would recommend Wild Water plumbing above anyone else I’ve used in the past. A great find .Thanks very much .Anne
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Anne Platt-Hepworth
11:39 25 May 22
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jeff kerr
07:44 20 May 22
I spoke to Lucas about getting a plumber to assist with our laundry renovation. He sent out one of his team, Ben, who was great. He was professional and very friendly. He assessed the job, discussed the recommended approach and was up front with a cost estimate for the job. We were very happy with the end result and would get Wild Water Plumbing to assist with future plumbing jobs.
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Emma North
05:53 26 Apr 22
Have used wild water plumbing for many many years. Lucas and his team are all top class blokes with the best attitude. Polite, efficient and skilled at the job. They always Leave the site cleaner than when they arrived. And never concerned about having them in my home as not only top blokes they are all guys you can trust.Mike Fitzy
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Mike Fitzgerald
08:07 14 Apr 22
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Sandra Johnson
03:19 01 Apr 22
Lucas and his team were excellent in solving a difficult drainage problem for us. We had periodic water intrusion into our downstairs rumpus room causing mould behind some cupbiards. When I requested quotes from alternate plumbers they focussed on the location of the intrusion, whereas Lucas suggested checking all exisiting stormwater pipes to ensure the source was not from elsewhere. Sure enough he was right. There were multiple leaks in the stormwater piping contributing to the problem. His team then relined the relevant pipes and installed a new drain and pump. The work was done quickly and professionally over the December January holiday period. We very much appreciate his thorough and timely work, and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone needing work.
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Robert Kery
10:10 13 Feb 22
Can do positive attitude! Lucas and his Team were AMAZING! Helped me get my Juliette balcony plumbing fixed and contacted external sources for retiling for me. Great group humans. Recommend Wild Water Plumbing!
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Vicki Byrne
04:43 10 Feb 22
Lucas, Benny and the team are absolute legends, they provided great service on time and final invoice was exactly what they said it would be, they are highly recomended from myself.Will definitely use them again and refer them to all freinds needing plumbing services.
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Chris C
02:44 03 Feb 22
Couldn’t be happier with the service from Lucas and the team. Great communication and excellent work done by Ollie and Jarod on the day 👌
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Byron Serjeantson
20:59 02 Feb 22
Very happy with Lucas and his team. Lucas was easy to contact and replied promptly to my enquiry and was able to squeeze us in the following day for a small, non-urgent job. They arrived exactly at the arranged time and did a great job for the quoted cost. Will happily use again next time.
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Jennifer Haddrick
08:00 02 Feb 22
I rang Lucas from Wild Water Plumbing and he was straight onto organising Ben from his team to come to my home the next morning. Ben was excellent. On time, great communication and top problem solver. We talked through all options and came up with good solutions. I reckon he’s nailed it first time. Wild Water Plumbing are now our plumbers. Thanks Lucas, thanks Ben.
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Charlie Powell
09:18 01 Feb 22
Did a great job, came on time, very helpful. Happy to recommend.
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Alison Briggs
07:11 27 Jan 22
Quick efficient service
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Leeanne Whitney
20:19 20 Dec 21
Excellent work from Lucas and the team. A small plumbing job led to the discovery of major sewer issues, in a house that we had just moved into. Wild Water was able to fit us into their already busy schedule, deal with the blockages , and get us back to normal. Very happy to recommend Wild Water. Thankyou Lucas. Cheers, Ian
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Ian Argent
20:54 07 Dec 21
Had to give them another wrap - such good commication and follow up after work completed to check all was done to our satisfaction. Great value for money and care in the job being done well - rare these days! Lucas and Kurtis got our leaks and blocked drains sorted in quick time without fuss or mess.
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Paul Nash
04:26 25 Nov 21
GREAT PLUMBERS. So easy to deal with on multiple occasions and always great communication. Turned up on time, quality work, good value for money, and no mess left. Fixed clogged drains, leaking stormwater pipe couplings fixed, choked up detention system cleaned out, and even designed & installed copper outdoor shower - they do it all.
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Paul Nash
03:58 25 Nov 21
We just had an outdoor shower installed by Wildwater Plumbing. They were very professional and we are so happy with the result! They spent the time making sure we were happy with various design concepts before they started the job and you got the feeling nothing was too much trouble. The boys went above and beyond and we will definitely be using them for all our plumbing work in the future! Thanks so much Wildwater Plumbing!! Very happy with our new outdoor shower!!
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Emma Withers
04:39 22 Nov 21
Lucas and his team were absolutely brilliant. Highly professional and extremely efficient in the way they work. Highly recommend and I will certainly use again!
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Sabine Schusser
09:07 16 Nov 21
Lucas answered the phone quickly. I explained what I needed - a water bottle filler connected to a water cooler in a cycle studio. Lucas was honest and said although they do not usually do this that Ben would come around and due to his experience would be able to do the job.Ben came around at the time I was told and within 30 mins he had the water bottle filler installed and working. I was very a happy with the responsiveness and outcome - thanks so much Lucas and Ben.
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Vanessa Spinks
04:33 08 Nov 21
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Amanda Taylor
03:53 07 Nov 21
Lucas could not have been more helpful and professional. Fixing our leaks an hour after calling even though he was very busy he found a way to fit us in on a Friday night with very late notice. Thank you so much Lucas, you were a lifesaver!
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Jeff Clark
02:12 31 Oct 21
Kurtis, Ollie and the team turned up on the dot, spent the day and repaired & replaced our plumbing with no fuss and little disruption. Professional and friendly service I have no trouble recommending. Thanks boys
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Stacey Gavrily
05:25 29 Oct 21
Lucas and his team are prompt, efficient, friendly, and clearly enjoy what they do.We wanted hot and cold running water in our separate garage, and we got. It involved plumbing, pipe laying, drilling, concreting, installing hot water (and probably so much). The work was done on time, on budget and we are super satisfied with the results.
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Maria Aptekar
20:49 28 Oct 21
I highly recommend Wild Water Plumbing. They went above and beyond to get the job done for us and were extremely professional and friendly to deal with.
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Katie Mckenna
02:30 19 Oct 21
My husband & I had a small, persistent leak in our downstairs bathroom. It was very difficult to pinpoint what the issue was, if it was coming from a leaky pipe within the wall behind the sink or if it was an issue with our upstairs bathroom.After two visits from a local plumber, our leak issue was still not resolved.Lucas & his team came onboard at this stage and approached the problem, by methodically checking all obvious areas. They worked with patience and good humour, reassuring us they would find the leak and resolve it, which they did.My thanks to Lucas and his team for their persistence and professionalism. I recommend them highly.Lucia Fudge
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Lucia Fudge
10:23 14 Oct 21
Lucas and Olly were very helpful in solving my hot water system issues and had practical advice on a number of other plumbing concerns. No question was too silly. Easy to deal with and provided a level of comfort around work being done. Thank you!
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Sharon Moore
00:43 14 Oct 21
The friendly Wild Water Plumbing team provide professional and trustworthy service. We do not call anyone else!
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Michelle SK
02:22 01 Oct 21
Lucas and his team were excellent. They came on the same day to investigate our sewerage issue and then unblocked the drains with a minimum of fuss. Very friendly and helpful through the whole process.
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Sam White
22:00 29 Sep 21
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23:43 26 Sep 21
The Wildwater crew did a fantastic job at my place, even though the access was difficult. Very efficient, friendly and reliable. Thankyou for helping me out at a very busy time. Great job done..
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anna williams
19:48 23 Sep 21
I have used WWP a number of times now and have been impressed with their professionalism and work. They turn up on time, do good quality work and clean up after themselves. This goes for Lucas, Ben and Kurtis who have all done jobs for me. I can highly recommend this business.
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Jonathan Byrne
08:17 16 Sep 21
Kurtis is a very knowledgeable and capable plumber that installed a tap out out the back of my property. It was quite a difficult installation but he breezed through it easily. He was on time and was reasonably priced. I recommend Kurtis and the boys from Wild Water Plumbing.
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Luke Howard-Bath
04:53 10 Sep 21
very responsive and helpful - have dealt with Lucas couple of times now and will use his team in the future
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jonah cooper
22:03 08 Sep 21
Lucas and his team never fail to deliver a professional, friendly, and expert service at great rates. They’ve solved multiple problems around our home- coming up with considered and well-thought out solutions, and always taking the time to investigate the issue thoroughly, think through and explain options, answer and ask questions to ensure the best possible outcome. Great communication, they always show up exactly when promised and are polite, respectful and thoughtful. Cannot recommend highly enough.
AFdZucoinIx9gosqYV A0wHv7 J9vYqzxgDL7pp8OQZjdQ=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Sarah Connor (AU)
09:36 06 Sep 21
Lucas was fantastic. We would highly recommend his company & will use them in the future.
AItbvmnqrBvrA9qdFQloQ lr1ZRL3bEzFSM9iynjiH2g=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Sarah Brown
07:52 30 Aug 21
Lucas and Kurtis installed a new gas line for our new gas cooktop as well as installing a new bayonet. They arrived on time, explained what they were going to do, and completed the tasks professionally, while maintaining covid-safe practices at all times.There were very friendly and Lucas gave us tips and advice after the installation was complete.We would not hesitate to ask these guys back for future jobs and would definitely recommend them to our friends and family.
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Michael Law
00:56 09 Aug 21
Have used Lucas and his team for a few years now. Always responsive, on time and do a great job.
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Karl Morris
05:05 04 Aug 21
Please disregard the one star reviews. I have checked with the Dee Why Police. I can have a plumber at my place to work on a toilet. If the so call neighbour had come and checked she would have seen for herself. This is a lie, there has been no work done at my place all week, slandering the name of this plumbing company is wrong.
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Leanne Horan
23:17 29 Jul 21
Lucas was fantastic! Very professional, friendly, highly responsive and more than happy to do the little things. I highly recommend Lucas for your plumbing needs.
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Rosie Cairnes
07:08 24 Jul 21
Great service-really reasonable pricing and arrived quickly
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poppy mayhew
05:08 24 Jul 21
Did a great job would definitely recommend 👍
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Joel Dempsey
05:06 24 Jul 21
These guys were amazing. Had an emergency during the Covid lockdown and they were so professional and careful. I had a burst pipe with an 11month old at home on my own. They took every precaution and followed all Covid guidelines. They were so quick and in and out. Wore masks, brought hand sanitiser and checked that we had not been to any hotspots. I could not recommend them enough
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Charley Neal
03:13 24 Jul 21
I’ve called wild water plumbing late at night when my hot water pipe burst broken under the kitchen sink and my unit was flooded with non stop running boiling water .Lucas arrived with 10 minutes from my call , quickly shut down the hot water and promptly fixed the pipe at the time .Lucas was very friendly and in good spirits for a late night emergency call .Im vary happy and highly recommend wild water plumbing services !
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Mariana Jeronimo
03:10 24 Jul 21
Lucas, Ben and Jarred tackled a few tricky problems well and managed to complete the work in good time. I appreciated their advice and service, talking through some of the potential risks and options before proceeding with the work. Place was clean and tidy after the job and good follow up as well. Thanks guys!
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Kane Winwood
05:20 15 Jul 21
Lucas and his team are brilliant. They efficiently identified the source of a major leak and corrected the issue expeditiously. Lucas and his team are hardworking, always on time and provided clear communication throughout the rectification process. I cannot recommend them highly enough!
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Carla Ava Mills
05:38 05 Jul 21
Great Job completed by Lucas, Kurtis and Ollie. I can completely recommend Wild Water plumbing for all your plumbing needs.
AItbvmltD6l 2xxDtPJ8qADqgKRjXuyPPqhBy3M4BQIi=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
kathy Marren
06:41 20 Jun 21
My first time using Wild Water Plumbing for a leak investigation and repair in our en suite and I can honestly say I will be using them again. Lucas was very helpful and took his time explaining everything. He even went out of his way to check our other bathroom taps and shower making adjustments to ensure they were operating perfectly. Overall great experience and value for money.
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Alex Stickler
00:24 17 Jun 21
Lucas is amazing. If you’re looking for a plumber who 1.answers the phone, 2. Turns up when he says he will 3.does a great job, 4. Well priced , then Lucas and the team is for you.He came to my rescue at short notice with a major underground leak. He negotiated and guided me through the process with Sydney Water and made the whole stressful process so much more manageable. Then he even arranged his crew to start my bathroom with one days notice!Wild Water will do whatever they can to help.
AItbvmmhZJjUhmVbMFY9EfxkPlh0wpWO0yFGDFi6dVSY=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Terri Norman
01:56 13 Jun 21
Benny replaced my hot water system. He explained all information so I had a good understanding.Benny was professional and friendly. I received effective high quality work completed quickly.I strongly recommend Wild Water Plumbing for your Plumbing needs.
AItbvmmnf7r3OWKU9KhL6r5TB57mvoDTXhgZqVJouB23=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Katrina Harland
23:50 10 Jun 21
Lucas sent Benny (who has performed work for us previously) and as usual arrived on time and set about his business quickly and effectively. Problems were identified and discussed with myself. They were then speedily fixed, enabling me to get on with my work earlier than expected. A very cost effective day.
AFdZucpv4ptNxmSgSvvUSYfKYVUW4pCK5r9rkEIuk49nYQ=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Robin Flack
02:36 10 Jun 21
Lucas located the leak below our driveway quickly and the team at Wild Water Plumbing carried out the repairs efficiently and without a lot of fuss.
AItbvml0Pt9DnoMvP8kZVJggDFm6I8NtGoK39ayV SWu=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Li Ye
10:40 07 Jun 21
We rely on Lucas and team for all our plumbing needs. They are professional and do a great job for a reasonable price. They are clean and tidy and a pleasure to work with.
AItbvmmKH6NhSC1YCi B EqBy3ZtwCJCeKMCEWXTeJrF=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
David Smith
22:09 06 Jun 21
Lucas was very responsive in communication, quick to fit the work in and a fast resolution. He was even able to recommend other trades to help solve the issue. Would highly recommend.
AItbvmnPlr5pAdrNiBYzxucZqwmDsc783oPNS 97vLxy=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Alex MacRae
11:20 03 Jun 21
Great service and good prices. I would highly recommend Lucas and the team.
AItbvmkjICNx7pGxsiR E4D3wlk f6fpLoH 5wjanI9d=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Andreas Gruber
23:45 01 Jun 21
Great service. Really helped me out of a tough spot. Highly recommend!
AFdZucqFphhztq5xeW7D2ZKbz 0ax fbUWAP smCuwP 7GE=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Timothy Thorne
09:42 31 May 21
I have used Wild Water a few times not only for personal property maintenance on my unit but the whole strata block uses now uses them. Very professional, courteous and reliable. Would not use anyone else.
AItbvmmxb7NSkg MgKihC8Qw7l4DO4WXtCiTDHDcvOcI=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Kerri Lenehan
04:02 22 May 21
Lucas was lovely to deal with. Friendly. He sent Kurtis to fix my toilet and shower issues. Kurtis was just amazing, nothing was too much trouble. He tried to find the cheapest way to get the job done. You can tell he cares about the job he does. They are like an old school plumbing company where your reputation is everything. I'm so glad to have found them. AND they don't charge northern beaches prices!
AItbvmmUkRv3mbh kVjXsy8ci6oe5S yF2flK5WqCFYT6Q=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Vicki G
05:32 20 May 21
We were fortunate to use Wild Water Plumbing for both of our recent bathroom renovations and they did such an awesome job! The team were professional, efficient, very respectful of our home, they had exceptional attention to detail and were generally great to work with. Cannot recommend them enough!
AItbvmnwJME3TaOvJ0kpOQE8V29 cysFsUltXlyLQGSf=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Alex Duncan
06:36 29 Apr 21
Lucas and his team were superb. Not only prompt to the job but openly communicative on the challenge at hand, plus fair in their assessment of the solutions available. Certainly a refreshing outcome to most tradespeople I've encountered!
AFdZucqBtULKyV2L96DYGjLL1RSOlaVKxja4MzrufngFBg=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Glenn Silburn
04:11 26 Apr 21
Lucas had one of his team out promptly to fix the problem with our blocked drain. Wild Water plumbers are knowledgeable, professional and always quick to respond.
AFdZucpzV67dkAY9Xkr2 3b2p rooIw9CRu4KeOElbcpJA=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Iain McIntosh
02:07 26 Apr 21
Lucas was great. Helped us out of a tight squeeze with a burst waterpipe and did a really good job of the repair. Very happy with responsiveness, his communication and the price. All with a smile on his face. Thanks Lucas!
AItbvmlZpw2k09 6MrEhhrSllaMYV dRbASthLI3b98n=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Tom T
03:24 20 Apr 21
Lucas came to our rescue when we were advised by council that we needed to install a storm water management system as part of a DA. We had not budgeted for this and Lucas designed a system that meet all council requirements while being by far the most affordable option on market. The team were an absolute pleasure to deal with and the finished product was excellent. Wild Water Plumbing will be our first point of call going forward.
AItbvmnVwl z 4rP8TdVGHVcsTqSY4X05mgRFE6K03Ob=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Alison Huxtable
03:15 12 Apr 21
We have used Wild Water for a number of projects around the house including outdoor pipe replacement, toilet and tap installation and most recently to address water leaking into the garage. This last project was a challenging one to solve due to the location of the source. The team came up with a creative way to solve the problem that has proven to very effective (the garage is now dry!!!). I can not recommend this company more. They are friendly, helpful, respectful, professional, trustworthy and very affordable. Great group of people who are our go to Plumbers. If I could give them a 6 star rating I would.
AFdZucoKODM55yMxQy8 bN7KkH22dbBuk 6JAZb6kPm7=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Greg Davie
02:35 12 Apr 21
I am the chairperson of the Strata Committee of our unit block - we have used Lucas and his team multiple times over many years. I can only speak highly of the integrity and workmanship of Lucas and his team. No job is too big or too small for them. They are honest and hardworking and respectful towards us and our property. We have never been disappointed about the outcome of the jobs done for us. Highly recommended.
AItbvmn7xYd61UGUQLG7MQMHlaqsS7alzDu 1n4B3uwngw=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
CaroliZe Meyer
23:13 09 Apr 21
I have been a carpenter in the northern beaches area for over 10 years and in all that time I have never worked with a better plumbing company than Wild Water. They are extremely knowledgable, reasonable, and cost effective. They have come through for me every time, and I honestly trust what they have to say. I would give them 6 stars if it were an option. I highly recommend them!
AFdZucrF4NnwuZ9Qxaeysbp8ZhZnn9Bwbj07FiTzP0wk=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Lorenzo Gonzalez
02:56 12 Mar 21
One of the most professional and friendliest plumbers we have had the pleasure to meet. Lucas and the team came to unblock some balcony drains. Fantastic job, they were also extremely tidy. Highly recommended. It was also a pleasure to meet Lucy.
AItbvmmLuli5P4ceRCBrHxvq41Oiess44rsBt98K9v8R=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
11:04 10 Mar 21
Lucas and the team were on-time, effective, professional and did a really good job.
AItbvmnt21LI4b QQthPick8R2Zu1ag GG5wOehGIM3J=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Pete Williams
05:49 10 Mar 21
I can’t recommend Lucas highly enough. He was so helpful and went out of his way to help us on the same day I called. Such excellent service.
AItbvml33KOWQ9G0ZvJckkZ0ISi4RK9PJz9j  xTUn7r=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Michelle Walsh
09:21 06 Mar 21
I’ve been using Lucas and his team for years & they have NEVER EVER let me down. I had a problem with me sewage on a public holiday found out after Lucas had fixed the problem that he had come even though he had family over. Thanks for that little extra that an excellent dedicated service provides 100/10 Don’t bother going anywhere else, call Lucas every time.
AFdZucrgEYU1odSnEYkA3Bl5H6Fousok5HGHRs96oXI5=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Angela Gillespie
22:32 02 Mar 21
Professional, reliable, honest and great value for money! I had a plumbing emergency in a house I moved into on Xmas Eve. Lucas responded that day and showed up straight away. Highly recommend Lucas and his team!! Thanks again mate!
AFdZucoPc1zlL7tjml4FSCVyKFmbwoH7R0ZcS3xsg7r qA=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Sam Hyman
05:39 01 Mar 21
Lucas and the team from Wild Water Plumbing have done a couple of jobs for us recently to fix issues we inherited with our new house. We would highly recommend them. They’re quick to arrive onsite and get into the job, thorough and very genuine.
AItbvmlGECif X AnYs HjHxDP6z62aPVS Eov wyP7N=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Alex Wiggs
10:43 22 Feb 21
Had some drain pipes severely clogged, but Lucas and Ollie sorted everything out, and developed a plan for any issues going forward. I highly recommend Wild Water Plumbing
AItbvmmfGlsD9F76RoGE6qDoT66RlSgtLwPR lihCQHT=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba4 br100 - Home
Justin H.
04:30 22 Feb 21
Lucas has been my plumber for many years now. He is unfailingly reliable, does a fantastic job, responds quickly to any request and his prices are always reasonable. I have had no hesitation in recommending him to my friends. Quite simply he provides a premium service.
AItbvmm00Yj46j8jkDNSKo28iATXXJ5e54vzswF0AvNt=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Jennifer Fielding
23:46 12 Feb 21
Lucas and the team are professional and communicative. They know their stuff and put in the extra effort to solve complex problems. Highly recommended.
AFdZucqlYYjNHmagwr6b6Fygd VffrbQzkTTpONnbfiB=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Julian Noble
06:26 04 Feb 21
We had water pooling under an extension part of our house and it was pretty serious, causing damp and smell to form. Lucas and his crew took time in assessing the issue and recommended a best course of action that was both suitable and cost-effective for us. I'm pleased to say it worked brilliantly and the water has disappeared. We're really pleased with the result and we couldn't recommend the guys enough. Will certainly be using them again for other works when necessary.
AFdZucqt36CeY6sfAeMCVyDK2QOuCuTIYeM VuSL mUQKw=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
23:26 03 Feb 21
Great service...Lucas was very responsive and explained everything to me in detail. Issues fixed quickly and without any dramas. Would highly recommend Wild Water Plumbing to anyone on the northern beaches.
AItbvmn0MkZmvM29lvjQTTYXE7GTN6DiUfEC6hpM3 8n=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Rachel Fitzpatrick
00:32 24 Jan 21
Lucas and the team are great to deal with they went out of their way to resolve my urgent repairs to a block pipe, close to Christmas. They are very extremely professional and friendly. The boys are very conscious of not making a mess and ensure they leave the space clean. I would highly recommend them for all your plumbing needs.
AItbvml3jz0LiZ1uge8JMbiI5a2AY9Pi5jGkUyo8Kqc9=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Ali Munting
20:46 22 Jan 21
Lucas and his team continue to impress me.They are always on time,They estimate the amount of time to do the job and keep me informedif anything is not going to plan.They are respectful on site, and basically just good blokes to work with.If you are sick of the normal run around and mystery bills that we often get from other Tradies, you will be pleasantly surprised when you deal with these guys.Keep up the good work fellas.Tim Gray
AFdZucqssleETg8eEPrWOtmWwSrh7Lt4lAwrviebNfgE=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Tim Gray
09:02 20 Jan 21
Lucas and his team did a great job replacing our hot water tank which had started rusting after 10 years. They were friendly, on time and easy to deal with. Lucas even helped organise a handyman to repair the platform that the tank was installed on. I only discovered this issue right before the installation was due to take place, but Lucas was very flexible to re-schedule and work in co-ordination with the handyman to get the job done.
AItbvmmGzBPJvFh0jnhoxAbkWBMkjGPYDm7TwgXForE=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Cameron Gregor
10:06 19 Jan 21
Lucas and his team were professional, courteous and respectful. All communication was very easy and they were always quick to explain what they were doing, why, and what choices I had to fix my particular plumbing problem. I would not hesitate to recommend them or use them again.
AItbvmkKxg1v2Ojy5Uk0OdIfaxr2mj7eu04yMr315Zcv=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Tracey Waller
09:35 19 Jan 21
I highly recommend Lucas and the Wild Water team. Lucas was quick to correctly identify the problem with our stormwater pipes, jet cleaned them and made necessary repairs.
AFdZucq uJnJrlG5zP03o0N rOL0PlfQOHv3vzrkB khkg=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Jenny Jiang
06:57 13 Jan 21
Lucas and his team were reasonably priced and very professional in fixing ground water problems at my house which was causing damp and mould. I sourced a few quotes and they are definitely the experts in the northern beaches with water issues where you can not see the source. They arrived on time every day and the team were friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!
AItbvmkax7tkNtDCJqF4VK AIbow4ZLdf1ZLrlx4icnL=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Kate Elliott
03:25 04 Jan 21
Lucas was the second plumber that I had out to investigate a squeal I got when I used my dishwasher meaning I had literally no cold water in my kitchen sink to remedy the problem. The other plumber told me that it was going to be expensive to fix so I put it off for nearly 2 years. When I called Lucas has he was actually working at another job near by so had time to pop by straight after. With 15mins he had repaired my annoying problem and I finally had cold water in my kitchen sink again. The cost was very reasonable.I also had an issue with a leaking tap in my laundry. Lucas took a quick look and it was an issue with the tap. Lucas sourced the tap for me and was back 2 days later to replace it for.Quick, friendly service. Would recommend giving Lucas a call.
AItbvmkfu3XG3Z1AjAw2sk0KksbqwNcTsOJ4xMXhwuuJ=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
CJ Chenery
04:01 08 Dec 20
In a very tough situation Wild Water was responsive and able to resolve our issue quickly. Great service and at a much better price point than other quotes we received. Highly recommend.
AItbvmkBiJxPAoGeD727gJBcyhEFyITLrb5c4Sj6IqC2=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
James Wolf
23:43 06 Dec 20
Thank you Lucas for helping us a second time with our plumbing issues! The first time around Lucas came recommended to me through a friend, and urgently needed my kitchen tap replaced which was leaking all over my floor - Lucas was quick to respond, very friendly, helpful and professional. Today we had another instance and Lucas quickly came to check after I texted him early Sunday morning, how's that for service! I highly recommend using Lucas/ Wild Water Plumbing for reliable, professional, quality and friendly service.
AItbvmlavNDr9wnq7oNMGmt5GkvVK6QRANRXhxcq26py=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Alison Goetti
09:45 29 Nov 20
Lucas, Ben and the team were outstanding. We had 3 plumbers investigate a leak with no success. The Wild Water Plumbing team were able to identify the issue and propose 2 solutions within an hour of arriving.We found them to be prompt, professional, thorough and honest.We will use them in the future if required and recommend them without hesitation.
AItbvmn8boHW3Lwa GuvAoikF951KqPk0lpq1o9SoWa =s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Manel Zreika
08:44 27 Nov 20
Professional, friendly, efficient, honest, accomodating. What more could you ask for?
AItbvmn5Gve qYoPxLCgYvH1KbSG94mR jYljeUzzHMb=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Lara Sperling
23:55 20 Nov 20
Lucas was super efficient, responsive and helpful. He resolved our problem and made suggestions to improve. We will definitely use the Wild Water team again and highly recommend them.
AFdZucpU9MrDlGhw1CqVm WG7Lix6xvICKLjgdUlIV7i=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
John and Lisa McMurdo
00:56 17 Nov 20
Lucas replaced 2 x outdoor taps at our house this morning. I messaged late on a Sunday, not expecting a response until Monday, he responded instantly and was here first thing Monday morning. I was so impressed I have Lucas and his team coming back to do some jobs I had been putting off! Highly recommend!
AItbvmkMh 1sBz veNGzx0d5jeRpEa i2bhIrLOt7mqN=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Kate Biddle
02:18 16 Nov 20
Lucas and his team came out for emergency leak inside roof. Within calling Lucas, two of his team were onsite and had leak fixed and repaired within an hour. Couldn’t recommend them anymore. Very professional and punctual.
AFdZucqLzBbTMQhqoPjNapAh WcZu8DEMMaH5vwWifoNUQ=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
david golding
06:12 06 Nov 20
Great professional service from lucas and the team, prompt, knowledgeable and follow up all excellent. No hesitation in recommending
AItbvmnQUlDKpaeBGQQblmFAO7MzMkaGwWsAP0YnVHFP=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
graeme evans
22:39 25 Oct 20
The ONLY plumber i use. Always punctual and Lucas' knowledge is second to none. Plumbing issues explained in a way you can understand, with evidence and solved regardless of complexity.The boys at Wildwater always clean up site in a way that leaves the place cleaner than when they turned up.I wouldnt recommend any other plumber to my clients.
AItbvmmB5l5QP 1Ben247kJHnz9ASlw5aQizcUuiF5pK=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Joes Roofing
20:30 22 Oct 20
Lukas and his team did a big job at our house. All 4 of our stormwater pipes had an issue. One just needed to get water jetted. Another one needed to be capped off, a new pipe to be put in and connected to one of the existing ones. The third one was re-directed above ground at the back of the house. And the last one needed to get a new stormwater pipe put in, which required the digging of trench from the back of the house all the way to the street (including lifting up pavers etc.). So a massive job. Lukas talked us through the issues and the various options. Once we agreed one what we are going to do, him and his team executed against it with great professionalism and accuracy.His team are all polite, considerate and tidy.If you want a proper job done, you are in good hands with Lukas.I will definitely work with him again without hesitation.
AItbvmnckwt4G8PtoaPd2rGFUbDHFQqZ Ugj0sjLJgP0=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Jens Tonn
10:42 22 Oct 20
I called Wild Water Plumbing to clear a blocked sewer at my house in North Sydney. Lucas responded quickly, cleared the blockage and provided advice and options for remedying several problems with my ageing and cracked sewer line. I wanted to go with the option of fixing all of the issues up front and I am glad I went with Wild Water Plumbing to do the work. They replaced the boundary trap and re-lined the section to the main sewer using camera imaging, which eliminated the need to excavate the side walk and road. Lucas and his team did an amazing job and it was refreshing to see their professionalism in handling the situation. The pathway along the entrance to the house needed to be dug up, however, the boys went out of their way to track down the exact same pavers to match the existing ones, so not only is my sewer fixed but there are no signs that there was ever an issue. Thanks again!
AItbvmnQD89daxwNjxK0wRPuaPdHbYrnniKrtzpXTJEw=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Manfred Gerlach
06:22 15 Oct 20
Wild Water Plumbing were quick to respond, easy to communicate with, punctual, professional and friendly. Ben got the job done quickly and for a good price. No hesitation to recommend Lucas and his team to family and friends.
AItbvmkYS 94PMIGyM7OGiOyKXbozALe uQuCiUu49aF=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Diego Margot JD
08:30 01 Oct 20
I couldn't agree more with the reviews here so I won't repeat everything said before. What I do love about Lucas and team is that they are never pushy. They give their honest opinion then let you have a think if you want to go ahead with the work. I will definitely use them again. So should you.
AItbvmm2Zn VK4o1yF eDktvD9fO5IBSWxFEs xZk7t4=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Adrienn Sweeney
11:26 28 Sep 20
We are very happy that we've found Lucas and his team, and will definitely keep using him. He's very professional, friendly and responsive and has given us lots of great advice. His work is top quality and he has fixed our drainage and plumbing issues with no hassles at all. Thanks!
AItbvmnMs m1xwly5y7oVT hFG124P6qV3aWHNY5Qgq =s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
01:11 26 Sep 20
AItbvmm3g57LETNUlPhlLohcQENwSSA6RejAe6skwBGu=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Bettie Boo
16:25 25 Sep 20
As a female I appreciate the fact that Lucas and the team at Wild Water Plumbing are not condescending in anyway. He talks me through the problem and the solution for my approval and sign off. In my experience some other trades people do not always treat females so well when it comes to this kind of work. Lucas and his team are always happy and easy to deal with and I have confidence in the work they do for me.
AItbvmme7pV6V6gPavBKZzQobU8sYtLmVI94Q0p5dFhC=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Karen Cheng
08:03 25 Sep 20
Lucas and his team at Wild Water Plumbing are easy to deal with and no job is too big or too small and are all completed in a timely manner with a great attitude. What I like most about Lucas is his honesty which is really important in your trades. Having a plumber I can trust takes the worry out of potential stressful situations and I can’t recommend them highly enough.
AItbvml5 Q5wBiUNrdzrEY3ce68ebCTlmBGQHHLV0ZrK=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Thomas Sullivan
05:51 25 Sep 20
Lucas and the team helped us with our kitchen renovation. Lucas was so friendly and easy to communicate with to come over at the different stages of our kitchen installation. Now the kitchen is in - all the gas and plumbing is spot on - thanks to Wild Water plumbing! Great service! Will definitely be calling them again with any plumbing needs.
AItbvmmtANPk7RmhVoJO sy5gbiRLd1irGnmRPJVYaZv=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Sarah Grealy
09:50 24 Sep 20
Seriously great team who know their stuff. They are punctual, efficient and they clean up after! I have used them 6 or 7 times through my renovations and everything has been great. Highly recommended
AFdZucqadauu0yUqrJEjb72lbdX59BUKYRyHNFS5E4it=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Nickel Deedster
09:35 23 Sep 20
Lucas and his team did a fantastic job, knocking over a heap of work in a little over a day - repairing main storm water line, repairing & clearing blocked pipes, installing charged lines under house, and plumbing in water tank.Was all done with a smile and great camaraderie between his polite & good-natured team....and having his lovely dog Lucy on site just added to the whole "positive vibe"From the moment I made contact with Lucas he was excellent with communication and updates regarding the job, and happy to offer great advice on the install of our water tanks.The job was very reasonably priced ( given the amount of work done ). I will definitely be using Wild Water Plumbing in the future & highly recommend Lucas and his team.
AItbvmkTV3FYenuaKkp9mKNiMKlKzv3mmBltcybvD Pf=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
ben wright
07:18 10 Sep 20
It was a pleasure having Lucas from Wild Water Plumbing onsite to fix an issue we had with our taps. He was great to deal with, on time and cleaned up after the job. Very reasonable priced I wouldn't hesitate to give him a call again should the need arise.
AFdZucp5CsZMU8Cf5 hgeTXXqccdzUyXHMCXvqN6mZw=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Shaun Trumbull
02:37 01 Sep 20
Lucas and the team have been fantastic for a number of small jobs and recently a large job solving our storm water issues. All the team were extremely polite and tidy and we are very grateful for the sound expertise and confidence in the proposed solution.
AItbvmn7OKb 7PS9dvT8v6hhiFRsh7crlZf COsGAfg=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Kate Graham
01:18 01 Sep 20
Such an amazing team. Lucas was super responsive and got us out of trouble quickly before returning later to address the other outstanding plumbing jobs. All of the team were friendly and professional and we are so pleased with the work they have done. I would highly recommend Wild Water Plumbing and keeping their number on speed dial.
AFdZucrGB VD3E0qE44t5CGeAPxyJOOwpPvDbHq2dDDNPg=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
The Harris-Smith
00:18 01 Sep 20
Thanks to Wild Water Plumbing for their help with our external drain issues . Lucas and his team are extremely professional and friendly and I'd highly recommend them for any of your plumbing needs.
AItbvmkEUq3K2 pgbykHvL28SSCam fATac iFB2nYpk=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Meagan Lawrence
03:03 27 Aug 20
Highly recommend Wild Water Plumbing. We had a suspected gas leak and Lucas was able to see us within an half an hour. He was able to identify the leak quickly, worked efficiently to repair the issue and was lovely to have a chat with. Couldn’t fault the service and would definitely use him again.
AItbvmnhUHUvu6jhlvKzKKNnevxBuKVnmxe Mc0oa6yi=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Liisa Donald
11:15 17 Aug 20
Wouldn't use another Plumber, they are that good. 100% recommended.
AFdZucpIYsQuJ7nFB A4VHumn1bODhIPeseTqFMq7hk V6o=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Keith Mason
06:14 17 Aug 20
Lucas and his amazing team where beyond professional and they where also supportive and responsive to my disabled son who just wanted to talk to them, they even let him help which was amazing. I have used Lucas and his team twice and will always use them.Please just give them a call, they will always help as much as they can.
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Melinda Cameron
10:25 13 Aug 20
Great Crew always using the best Power Tools on the Market
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Dan Muncke
07:42 13 Aug 20
Lucas and his team are incredibly efficient, helpful and competent. They have completed a range of plumbing work for me and have been fantastic to deal with. Lucas really went out of his way to research the best solution in one of the more complex jobs and everything they’ve done has been to a very high standard. He is also mindful of budgets and presented a range of options where possible. I have no hesitation in recommending Lucas and his team.
AItbvmmPJz1PrqHF8Hhj6 0X8WkKCwryNQ7n1KjIsbE0=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
10:28 11 Aug 20
Wild Water came highly recommended on a local community forum, which is always a good sign. Lucas and his team solved a problem for us with sewerage pipes that were in poor condition. He and the team came up with creative workarounds to fix it when the obvious option wasn't possible and were always professional and friendly. Thanks guys!
AFdZucpLgzSvYFxLE7xMOEGohGHyA466fvg3hsO rHtAGKg=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba3 br100 - Home
Naomi Gaskell
04:46 07 Aug 20
We had a major moisture problem under the house. We needed drainage put in to stop the water flow under the house. We also wanted a water tank installed and a blocked down-pipe fixed. From the time of quoting, through construction and finishing off Lucas and his team were professional, friendly and overall great to deal with. Thanks guys - we'll definitely come to you in future for any more plumbing work.
AItbvmmp7epqSORMSkNZENAisoTYaKf986rLdNkrDEL2=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
John T
01:54 07 Aug 20
Lucas and his team were super helpful, professional and honest. They sorted out a very old stormwater system for us, so its now working brilliantly, and cleared some very blocked drains while they were here, which was great. I would definitely use them again. Lucas was also really helpful with giving us general advice on some upcoming renos. Thanks Lucas!
AFdZucpkGOaFS1fDcX2N6fdrDo93W3JhqCKiDumMKnE7=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Roz Cooper
10:03 06 Aug 20
Thank goodness we found Lucas and his team at Wild Water Plumbing. Lucas was able to determine and rectify a large issue we had with water entering our lower rumpus room in extreme weather. It was a big job but Lucas, Ben, Kurtis and Ollie showed up with a smile continuosly and powered on through. All the boys were hard working, friendly, polite and quite simply a pleasure to have around. Communication with Lucas and his team was always easy, friendly and reassuring. Thank you, for all your hard work.
AItbvmlS7QwTac0Ksi OEMIzcfxl2MMG Ey9t0bmXiNt=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Leanne Griffiths
07:09 04 Aug 20
Well, it's been my privilege to see Lucas from Wild Water Plumbing taming the water over flows from a burst water pipe. He makes it look so easy & must save the clients thousands doing it this way! I cant wait to know that, when I need his expert plumbing services, he will look after me or my clients.
AFdZucpLrUfDsNc5HixUgP3WEZKD0JeDfhq2qSyq lxP=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Alvin Lee
22:14 30 Jul 20
I'm an electrician who do a lot of work with wild water plumbing. I work with a lot of builders plumbers & other trades and I couldn't recommend Lukas and his team higher. if you would like work done once call his team.
AItbvmmWUeT756MnkDpvxpph4vZk8GNQC2QMnO3JWcfb=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
scott kleem
22:04 30 Jul 20
Punctual, professional and great work ethic
AItbvml9mBrpMfdPMsqkGB2tCBv2I QKncN9gDG U9Rw=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Nick Amoroso
22:01 30 Jul 20
Lucas is amazing at what he does and is a great bloke! Definitely recommend him.
AItbvml4g2WZo uxEaHlHyVlTw32oAECjjXNwv R91oX=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Jenny Ghobrial
22:00 30 Jul 20
Lucas and the team we’re very prompt and efficient. They came within the hour and fixed our problem in minutes.
AItbvml2jXFQ5ht8YbQl6JjTJuEaidMFQYGFLfb4Rj4I=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Robert Mewing
09:22 24 Jul 20
Lucas and his team were a pleasure to work with. We had new storm-water pipes installed as well as a new vanity, taps replaced and connection of rainwater tanks. They were very professional, explained what they were doing, tidied up after each day and always came when they said. Five stars for sure.
AItbvmkuDAgyXi2HXoPlsH 0DbPoNOPGiUCUup9bdjqP=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Sue Candlish
08:43 24 Jul 20
Lucas and his team are extremely personable, honest and reliable.I heard of Wild Water Plumbing via word of mouth as a reliable, affordable plumber. Lucas offered various options in order for us to save money and provided honest affordable solutions. Among other jobs, the team plumbed our new kitchen and were extremely respectful of our home. They brought mats to protect the floors, removed their boots and cleaned up any mess.I would highly recommend Lucas and his team for professional, honest plumbing.
AItbvmmUQX04mtBRYhAgC54x6L7xTbBebX453GCFko54=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
23:35 22 Jul 20
Lucas and team came to fix what I thought would be a simple blocked drain in the kitchen. Turned out to be a much bigger problem, having been built up over years (thanks previous owners!). The guys were very professional and cleaned out a lot of built up grease, debris and maggots.... They uncovered a blocked overflow pipe as well (covered by a plant by old owners). They worked tirelessly to fix the problems and always with a smile - even despite the pungent smell. Awesome team and would highly recommend.
AItbvmlNx15REaNI1xi6LUCSqAGCauhU2 fNn 3xLf2c=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Fiona Guilfoyle
07:16 06 Jul 20
Excellent plumbing service! Lucas and his team are friendly, punctual and do a great job! I have used them for both small and large jobs over the years. I had my toilet replaced by them three years ago and it is still working like a dream!I would highly recommend.
AItbvmmV4kulJqor4dezLFT56rUssv RdoHdpngGb4H2=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Laura Martin
10:54 03 Jul 20
Lucas and his team are terrific. Always on time and very efficient, they are also very personable. We have used their services for a number of years now and have always been very happy.
AItbvmm88Gz HIdHIcZHr99O1SCn9fI4JKNorhmgsa7a=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Mosman Dental Clinic
04:47 24 Jun 20
The team at Wild Water Plumbing recently completed a new plumbing system for our new build house, they completed the job when they said and there was not one issueVery happy with the outcome!!
AItbvmkDj3lX7zJq7Vy0Ab bL1jtVg1X1B GIkmLTMQ=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Chad De Rooy
01:40 24 Jun 20
I had a really great experience with Lucas and his team. They were all professional, efficient and great communicators. They were more than happy to accomodate my small job, and were flexible around my work schedule. The work was completed with no mess left and all items put back into place which is much appreciated. Wild water plumbing will definitely be my preferred plumber in Sydney after a number of average trade experiences!
AItbvmmD0 YZN HqFdlAX0H2MUjAzeHBkFyyR jcE8YM=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba3 br100 - Home
Aly Amundson
06:40 18 Jun 20
Great communication, efficient service and a strong team. They installed two toilets for us and even though they were old systems and had some trouble, the team made it all very seamless and easy. I'd definitely recommend them.
AItbvmllHRVp9AohA7akIUvcQ6NbOOW ZQQXVq YIynd=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Jillian Christie
06:02 18 Jun 20
What we get from these guys is honest, good old-fashioned service. No slick flash-rat with gold tooth pitch and matching bill; no shocks... no bum cracks. Utterly professional, reliable and genuinely interested in delivering quality service at a fair price. And, for those of us on the Northern Beaches, they're just around "the corner". Got the fridge magnet... know exactly who to call when the do-do hits the fan. Thanks again Lucas and the team.--John and Lyn, Beacon Hill.
AItbvmmfiRUTe  gc33bfPNt5H3biT0hUuYpKx D5j1d=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
John Collis
00:06 04 Jun 20
I urgently needed my toilet fixed and called the boys from Wild Water Plumbing, even though they where busy they called out that day and fixed it, they where so lovely and I especially LOVED there attention to detail to make it look perfect for us and there price was GREAT. Thankfully No more searching google for plumbers, these boys are the BEST!!!
AFdZucrxBhz2gtLyE6Ts6zFpNEc1KMpA8muI eBfjsNpHw=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Libby Australia
01:48 03 Jun 20
Lucas and his team recently replaced a hot water heater at our house. At short notice, they did a fantastic job and I would recommend their plumbing services. They are professional and provide top quality service at a reasonable price.
AItbvmnosvOb8R2Wf63BjXA3UxN c7jd8K2VILc11TG0=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Timothy Bailey
08:12 29 May 20
Lucas and boys are very reliable, clean, good prices always there when you need them. i have been using wild water for years now.best plumbers on the northern beaches. they have fix broken and install new plumbing through out my house.i highly recommend the guys from wild water plumbing
AItbvmk bMer4bgS NN5Gybv8lxgzhYRK9ki2nd9JKV7=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
jason chatman
07:50 26 May 20
These guys did more than I thought they would.They turned up early surprise surprise for a plumber .I had 3 previous quotes and after looking at the the problem in more depth than the previous 3 quotes could not of been happier.Its good to know that honest plumbersare still
AItbvmmv7lGa1ysLZC 4Vaw9q3nQhHCyh0tnkI2yC392=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Gordi Kirkbank-Ellis
08:59 25 May 20
Lucas and his team were great to deal with. we had a drainage issue to the rear of the property and they came out to look and even came back when it was raining to inspect so they could provide the correct advice and assist with dealing with the issue. very pleased and recommended
AItbvmm I0n74Ca qWcI8jpUUGag8iqTHQCB1Z71BwMB=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Craig W
06:55 25 May 20
Lucas and his team were on time putting in a full days work and importantly I’m still on budget! Thanks for a good job done.
AItbvmkFgH3ikvYU8vUAJD5YSsTA7bGTW4PxxOMQVGur=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Margie Abbott
03:55 25 May 20
Friendly, knowledgeable and it's clear Lucas and his team love fixing and solving all sorts of plumbing needs. They take pride in their work, the quality of their work and how they make sure everything is cleaned up afterwards makes is easy to highly recommend Wild Water Plumbing every day!
AFdZucqhlK0YinTCNAS q2 mXtgZ9Tv6AzGqC2AoOBqJ3g=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Emma Kirkwood
20:32 05 May 20
Lucas and his team are masters are their craft. Prompt, responsive, professional and high attention to detail, couldn’t recommend them enough!
AItbvmlFmvtpmx3rFE1sKoZ QnNF4c0deLGxBKYTBiBI=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Ashlea Merlo
10:53 05 May 20
I would like to thank Wild Water Plumbing for a fabulous job in replacing my hot water system. Came immediately following my inquiry to inspect, quoted and agree a time to replace the hot water system. Arrived when agreed, very clean and tidy job. Thank you!
AItbvmkeeAxnj5eJSMZERBfbyDaxoqtDp7YguSUSGH X=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
23:28 29 Apr 20
Excellent service, shuffled things around to fit me in, polite and trustworthy guysThanks Lucas
AItbvmnOjYRxje2QQwhZQU 0ztnesUOd28GdbhF10 kU=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
melissa espinosa
11:14 29 Apr 20
Lucas & Ben were fantastic promptly responded and had sorted our issue the next day with no fuss and a smile ... would highly recommend and use again
AItbvmmy0fMZZT IG2lsJraR19J2xPFZf99eKr4WjqkX=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Monique Cronin
08:24 24 Apr 20
We had a major problem with sub surface water under our house which kept bedrooms damp and mouldy.Lucas from WWP accurately assessed and quoted the problem, which was to excavate a 1 metre trench into the sandstone around the house, install agg drains and pumps to take the water away from the house.This was a major job which Lucas and his team did very well. From beginning to end, Lucas was in constant communication about progress, and the team were on site every day.The project came in on budget and on time and we were delighted with the end result.
AItbvmnbePHNJilYSSl2KSl9tSfBhqHiwvnzqAXkPLta=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Andrew Vlachos
23:24 22 Apr 20
We have hard hit by the recent storms, including a tree uprooting and landing on our neighbour's house. When the tree was removed and retification works commenced, we saw a pipe had been pierced by the tree root. Within in a day, Lucas and team were here to look at it, and within 4 days had the whole thing replaced, and my front year put back together. Lucas is an extremely positive, friendly and very professional. I could not recommend Wild Water Plumbing more highly.
AItbvmlDFgplT5Qnd4PlGHs5QdpnLEPoscsJydCCnAY=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Sherry Davie
00:52 07 Apr 20
Fantastic service with great advice and guidance to get the leaks fixed as quickly as practical. Highly recommend
AItbvmm2NMuPVFRuGV6WkdhCxkIN55QOMX zOIJk2Sm8=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Home
Nick Glover
00:06 06 Apr 20
12 - Home

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