4 Must Dos to Prepare Your Gas Heating this Winter

by | May 12, 2021

Are you feeling the chill as we approach the end of Autumn? Before you switch on the heater and realise there are issues, check out our Must Dos to ensure that you don’t get caught out when winter rolls around.

1 – Cleaning Your Gas Heater

It might have been months since you last used your heater, so this is a good time to check and ensure that your heater is clean and clear of dust, lint, or other debris particles that have settled while sitting unused. 

Not only will your gas heating efficiency be affected if there is a thick clog-up of dust, but there is also the risk of fire or smoke from overheating. Gently dust the surfaces with a cleaning cloth and check that the burners and filters are free from clogged-up dirt. 

2- Gas Heater Servicing – is it up-to-date?

Apart from cleaning your heater regularly, it is also important to have it serviced and kept up to date as part of the maintenance protocol. This allows your heater to be checked for safety as a complete unit; from the gas connections, gas supply, switches, and other various working parts. 

This requires a trained professional as problems inside the unit may not be obvious, and testing also requires the proper equipment and understanding of the operations. A fully serviced unit will provide you with the most cost-effective heating and keeping the bills low.

3- Revise the Operations Manual

If it’s been a while since you last used the heater, now is also the time to refresh on the safe usage guidelines. Pull out the operations manual that came with the manufacturer and follow the instructions closely. You might also have moved items of furniture around your home throughout summer, so check and ensure that you are keeping a safe distance between the heater and furniture or curtains, in case of blockages posing fire hazards. 

4 – Detecting a Gas Leak

While gas heating is mostly safe, the rare occasion of gas leaks can lead to serious health concerns and even carbon monoxide poisoning. You don’t want to risk the safety of your family and property from a potential gas leak. The first and usually most obvious sign of a gas leak is the smell, if you suspect even the slightest that a gas leak may be possible, call in a professional immediately. You can also install a carbon monoxide alarm that can alert you to gas leaks.

Apart from health concerns, gas leaks are also potential fire hazards leading to explosions. It is therefore even more important to have your gas heaters serviced regularly.

Engaging a Professional Gasfitter

Natural gas heating has gained widespread popularity on the North Shore as an environmentally friendly alternative energy source. Wild Water Plumbing is here to protect your family, as well as your home as your local qualified and professional plumber gasfitter. 

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