5 Excellent bathroom storage ideas

by | Jul 12, 2015

Renovating your bathroom can be a mammoth undertaking. Whether you’re updating fixtures or planning a complete overhaul, there’s plenty to consider. As experienced bathroom renovators your North Shore plumber knows how easy it is to get completely overwhelmed by the process and forget one of the key components to a successful reno – storage solutions! When puzzling over tiles and choosing the perfect cistern, the type of storage you need to factor into your plans often comes as a second thought. Planning your storage cleverly before undertaking your bathroom renovation means you avoid getting a new bathroom, that lacks function for your family. To get you on the right track, we’ve compiled our 5 favourite bathroom storage ideas found on Pinterest.

1. Install a shower niche

shower niche
Image source: Dieter Van Dervelpen

If you’re working within a small space, clever storage is key. Nothing clutters up a bathroom more than a million bottles of shampoo and body wash but installing a large cabinet just for product isn’t always the wisest solution. An inbuilt shower niche is the perfect solution for keeping things tidy without taking up extra room. It also looks super stylish and fits with the majority of different decors.

2. Consider free-standing storage

free-standing storage

Image source: Apartment Therapy

A combination of inbuilt and free-standing storage can be a great solution when you need plenty of shelves, baskets and bins for stashing all your odds and ends. A free-standing, ladder style of shelf offers room for a variety of different sized bathroom accessories and looks super stylish to boot. While it’s not always the neatest option for families with kids, using larger sized baskets which can’t be pulled out by little hands can be a great solution

3. Don’t discount the door

above door storage
Image source: Brit.co 

The doorway to your bathroom might not look a likely spot for storage but in reality, it’s a mass of unused space. Installing an over door shelf provides a perfect platform for storing larger object that you don’t use everyday, like extra towels and toilet paper rolls. The size and depth of your doorway will determine how large your shelf can be before it impedes on the rest of the space but even a small shelf will provide much needed extra space.

4. Think smart

secret cabinets
Image source: Hative

If you’ve got a wall that can’t be used for traditional storage, chances are good there’s a clever way it can be utilised. Hidden ‘sliding’ storage is one ingenious way that an otherwise unusable wall can be put to work. A cabinet installed either within an existing inbuilt vanity, behind a mirror or even incorporated into your shower screen offers oodles of storage room with minimum space requirements.

5. Hang off the walls

wall baskets hanging

Image source: Tidbits and Twine

Another clever use for unused wall space, especially oddly shaped or sized areas is to install hanging storage which provides room for storing smaller items, without the need for permanent fixtures. Staggered baskets make particularly good storage vessels in bathrooms and, depending on the material, are usually waterproof.

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