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5 Tips to save Money on a Kitchen Renovation

5 Money Saving Plumbing tips to a well Designed Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations can be quite the enjoyable endeavour, but it’s also a tricky proposition. There are a number of things that have to be done just right for a renovation to be successful. From matching decor colours and styles to cabinet choices to strategic placement of appliances, everything needs to be thought out and properly planned. This is true for one aspect of a kitchen renovation that is absolutely vital: the plumbing. You have to plan the plumbing strategically and ensure that it’s done just right. Today we’ll give you a few tips to help you sort out your plumbing in the best possible way.


You need to place your sink in such a way that your piping can all be run without difficulty and so that your dishwasher hook-ups won’t be troublesome. A dishwasher should always be installed right next to your sink, underneath the side with the drainer. This allows for easy hose installation and added convenience for you when you’re moving dishes from your sink into your dishwasher. It also saves you money because the further the dishwasher is from the sink, the costlier it will be to run the piping.

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Strategic sink placement is important


It’s advisable to choose to have a stopcock placed under your sink. Doing so will allow for the water flow going to your sink to be isolated if you have any leaks or other plumbing issues. This can come in very handy when repairs need to be made, as you can simply cut the water to your sink and not to your entire kitchen.


Another way to save money on your kitchen renovation is to place your refrigerator near the sink. Typically, the water supply for your refrigerator’s ice maker or water filter is tied into the water supply of the sink. Having both placed near each other means less plumbing work and therefore less overall cost.


While islands do look quite appealing in almost any kitchen, they can drive up the cost of a renovation, if that island includes a sink or a dishwasher. It takes more effort and more money to get plumbing installed for an island. To save on your renovation, go with a traditional setup with the sink, dishwasher, and other plumbing installed along the walls.


The final tip we offer today is quite possibly the easiest. The best way to save move on the plumbing for your kitchen renovation is to keep it right where it is. Install a new sink, but do so by putting it just where the old one was. The same goes for other appliances that utilise the plumbing. You can still make your kitchen look totally new and improved without relocating any of its plumbing.

If you require a good plumber in the Northern Beaches to help you with your renovation, then give Wild Water Plumbing a call. We’re North Shore plumbing specialists who can help you with all plumbing needs for new builds or kitchen renovations or plumbing emergencies.

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Install the new sink right where the old sink was placed.

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