7 Signs That Your Stormwater Drain Needs to be Fixed

by | Jan 19, 2023

A damaged or blocked water drain is a serious issue that can cause unwanted headaches and expensive damages to your property. For this reason, it is essential to quickly identify when there is an issue so you can contact a reliable plumber to diagnose and fix the issue. Here are the 7 most common signs that you should look out for that indicate that your stormwater drain needs to be fixed.

Sign #1: An Unusually High Water Bill

While you would not necessarily link a high water bill to a drain issue, an unusually high water bill is a sure sign that something is amiss with your underground pipes.

A dripping tap or appliance will not send a water bill soaring so it may mean that something big is going wrong.

Sign #2: Water Banking Up

When water is banking up, it is a clear indicator that there is a blockage stopping water flow.  An isolated issue of water banking up might also indicate the source of the blockage and therefore the necessary treatments for that issue. Water banking up is your first clue that something is up with your drains.

Sign #3: An Unpleasant Odour

If you pick up a bad smell emanating from your drains then there is a blockage. You might be knowledgeable enough to avoid that water but pets and wildlife won’t. Blocked drains are a serious health risk.

In addition, they are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mould and bacteria also prosper in stagnant water. 

Call us urgently to fix this!

Sign #4: Slow-Draining Stormwater Drains Or Sinks

When your rainwater drains very slowly or is overflowing this could be an indication of a blockage.

If your sink is clogged it is usually from food, hair, coffee grinds or grease. A simple plunger action can usually solve this but slow draining and gurgling sounds could indicate a compromised drain waste vent (DWV), preventing the vent from sucking water away.

Sign #5: Decrease In Water Pressure

If you notice that your taps and shower have lost their usual pressure, you most likely have a leak which is also an indication that something bigger could be brewing underground.

Before secondary problems develop, call your local plumbing team!

Sign #6: Blocked Or Slow-Flushing Toilet

If you notice the water level in your loo changing, is draining slower than usual or is backing up occasionally, this could be a sign of something amiss with the underground pipes. 

These are not pipes that should be left “just in case it clears up on its own”. The risk of disease is linked to sewage so you should book an inspection immediately. 

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Sign #7: A Sunken or Damp Lawn

Your property is crisscrossed with various pipes and if they spring a leak, the water naturally seeps into your soil. If your lawn or garden is suddenly looking overly watered without intervention from you then you may be developing a dangerously soggy property that might cause serious damage. More problematic than just sogginess is sewage leakage.

If you spot any of these signs, contact the reliable and trusted plumbers at Wild Water Plumbing to inspect, diagnose, and fix your stormwater drain issue urgently!