Four Things You Can Do to Check for Underground Water Leak

by | Dec 30, 2019

Water leaks can be costly if left unattended. Not only will you find yourself paying for excess water usage, on top of that you will have to outlay money for repairs on your plumbing system and plumbing services not to mention any repairs on your damaged property. The earlier the leaks are located and resolved, the less damages to your property.

Having said that, of course you don’t have to wait for the problem to escalate. You can check for and identify leaks early on. If you already have suspicions of an underground leak, maybe because of an unusually high water bill, it’s time to inspect your home and even invite professional plumbers to have a look.

The team at Wild Water Plumbing has the experience, expertise and equipment for efficient water leak detection. If you suspect an underground water leak, read our article below and call us anytime for help. We don’t want you stressing over a suspected water problem that can bring damages to your beautiful home.

1. Sounds of Running Water with no Visible Source

Close all taps in your home and listen closely for sounds of running water. If there is any, look at all sources of water again to make sure that the sound isn’t coming from them. If there is no visible source of the sound, then this may indicate you have an underground leak.

2. Cameras Through Underground Pipes

Hire expert plumbers to check your underground pipe network with CCTV equipment. They will send cameras within your pipe system so that they can have visuals of what’s happening below. With a monitor, you and the team of professional plumbers can check the pipes live and look for any underground water leaks.

3. Cracks on Walls and Floors

It can sometimes be easy to forget the power that comes from large bodies of water. Check for cracks on your walls and floors, because these may be signs of a water leak. Water can be strong and cause movement within the walls and concrete, creating cracks within your walls, floors and ceilings.

4. Damp and Wet Areas on Floors

You might notice unusual wet spots or dampness on your floors. Look for the source. If you can’t find exactly where the moisture is coming from, it may be an underground leak. To be sure, call a plumbing expert to check it out.

It’s crucial that you get professional, expert help to make sure that there are no leaks in your home and prevent costly damages. Hire a team of plumbing specialists who has the experience, knowledge, and tools to help detect leaks early on and do the necessary repairs.

Homes are an expensive investment on their own. You don’t need to unnecessarily spend more money for water leak damages. Give us a call today on 0405 692 151 so that we can start looking for any suspected water leaks in your home.