Getting help with plumbing problems – a Blocked Toilet is the scary one!

by | May 1, 2016

Blocked Toilets, Blocked Drains…all result in 1 thing!

The clock strikes nine, water running, it could be a sign. The clock strikes ten, can’t believe it, the toilet is overflowing again. Murphy’s Law determines that when the worst happens, it usually happens after hours.

I’ve seen my fair share of emergency situations and while there’s never a convenient time for blocked drains plumbing problems, they do have a tendency of happening very early in the morning or very late at night. I provide a 24 hour emergency plumbing service to help out in times like these.

This is a list of the usual suspects that I’ve been able to fix early in the morning, very late at night or at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon. If you experience any of the following, keep calm, it’s nothing an emergency plumber can’t solve for you.

An Exploding Toilet

By exploding I mean overflowing, blocked toilet or clogged toilet. This is a messy problem and when it happens, you won’t hesitate to get on the phone to your Northern Beaches plumber. The best thing to do in this situation is to get to the water source and turn it off, don’t attempt to flush a blocked toilet, this will only make the problem worse. I’ve seen my fair share of overflowing toilets and my advice is once you’ve managed to turn the water off, stay away from it. The tap that controls the water to the toilet is usually close-by under the cistern. The water (and other contents) that come from the toilet bowl are a biohazard. Best to leave it to the professionals.

Sewer Backup

And you thought a clogged, blocked toilet was bad! If it’s more than one toilet giving you trouble you could have a block in your main sewer line. When things start to overflow inside or outside near the sewerage system, there’s an odor or things won’t flush then this needs to be attended to quickly. Blockages, tree roots or a collapsed pipe can all be the cause for the dreaded sewerage backup. If you’re experiencing multiple clogs in your home, don’t reach for the Draino, just give me a call to sort out the problem. Blocked drains can be avoided by a preventative drain health check!

A leak in the roof or the wall

I know all too well the tell-tale sign of running water or dripping sound that comes from inside ceiling and walls when a pipe has cracked or broken. If you see dripping water, a puddle, wet spots on the wall or bubbled paint you’re going to need a Northern Beaches plumber. When there’s a big leak it can turn into a disaster quickly. Leaking water causes damage to your property, turn off the main water valve and give me a call– I will be there immediately.


Flooding can occur either inside or outside the house and when it happens late at night or early in the morning it’s a reason for panic. If you determine the problem is a pipe you need a fix quickly. Turn your water of at the mains and call your local emergency Northern Beaches plumber.
If you experience any plumbing problems at any time of the day or night there’s no need to stress. I offer my 24 hour emergency plumbing service for this very reason. Simply give me a call, we can assess the problem over the phone and I can be out there to fix up the problem when you need me the most.