Help me save money on my hot water bill!

by | May 6, 2015

It’s getting chilly up on the beaches, we’re feeling it through our wetsuits! As local Manly plumbers, Ben and I service a large number of homes in the Manly area and concern about increased household hot water usage during Winter is a common theme. Through the cooler months we are conscious of how much we depend on our hot water heaters to provide their service through the chilly Manly winter.

Running our families through the shower in the winter is expensive, so lets talk ways to alleviate the pressure on that hot water heater and bring down the bill! We have come up with some tips, tricks and things to keep in mind to reduce how much hot water you are using – and in turn save you money!

Reduce your water pressure

Although we all enjoy a shower with high water pressure you can save water and money by installing a pressure reduction valve at your property boundary. This needs to be handled by a professional and will greatly reduce the amount of water your household uses on a daily basis. If you don’t like the sound of this, your licensed Manly plumber can install individual flow regulators in your taps in your kitchen and bathrooms.

Update your hot water heater

If your water heater is more than 10 years old it might be worth considering an upgrade. Older water heaters are less energy efficient than their newer counterparts. When replacing your water heater be sure to get one with a starred energy efficiency rating, that way you can be sure you’re getting value for money. Wild Water Plumbing supplies a number of well respected water heating brands and can assist you with your choice. For your next water heater installation call your Manly Plumber, Wild Water Plumbing and we will handle the job.

Switch your energy to off peak

By switching to electric off-peak water heating or solar you could save yourself a bundle. This kind of water heating isn’t available in all areas but if you want to learn more about it, Wild Water Plumbing can assess your home for eligibility.

Set your water heater a little lower

By setting your water heater at 60 degrees celsius you can ensure any nasty germs and bacteria are killed while also saving on your bill. Setting your heater temperature higher than this is a waste of energy. If you need assistance with setting the temperature, we are happy to help.

Use cold water where possible

When washing clothes why not switch to cold water? There are a number of quality washing powders designed to be used with cold water at the supermarket and you will find your clothes come out just as clean. Not only will you reduce your hot water consumption, you can also reduce damage and shrinkage to your clothes.

Wash full loads

When there is no other option but hot water– for delicate clothing or when using the dishwasher– ensure you are washing full loads. Wait until you have a full load of clothing or the dishwasher is completely full before running a cycle, this will definitely help reduce costs over time.

We know that it’s never easy having a quick shower in the Winter, but if you want a hand with reducing your hot water consumption your local Manly Plumber will be there. We can get busy installing flow regulators, water-efficient shower heads or discuss insulation options for your water heater to reduce your power bill without chucking you out of the shower. Give us a shout and we can organise a convenient time for a hot-water check up.