How to avoid a cold shower this winter

by | Aug 8, 2015

Your Hot Water System may not be big enough for hour long showers 🙂

It’s never fun to wake up to a cold shower, and on a chilly winter’s morning it’s downright unbearable! Whether you’re experiencing a serious plumbing problem and need to get your hot water system fixed, or you’re simply finding the colder temps (and longer, hotter showers) are running your tank dry, we’ve got some helpful tips to keep you in warm water this winter.


1. Reduce your flow:

Hot water running out? Before calling in a plumber to fix your hot water, try to reduce the water your family is churning through by swapping your old showerhead for new a low-flow model. Low-flow showerheads are great because they restrict the flow of water and force it through smaller openings – this means that while you’re saving on water, you don’t experience any loss of shower pressure. A low-flow showerhead uses less than 6-10 litres of water a minute, compared with 10 – 20 litres with an ordinary shower head. Replacing your showerhead is quick and easy, and there are plenty of models available. We can help you choose the right showerhead for your bathroom and swap it out within a few mins – give us a call today to have a local Northern Beaches plumber talk you through the options.

2. Time it:

We know, we know – you’ve heard it all before. But as unexciting as it sounds, having quicker showers is still the easiest way to save your hot water. If every member of your household kept their shower time to four minutes you could reduce your water use by up to 20 percent. Use a timer, and make it easier to get out by making sure your bathroom is heated – there’s nothing worse than getting out of a nice hot shower into a chilly bathroom!

Want an insider tip? Try turning the temperature up for the last 20 seconds of your shower. Ending your shower with a blast of extra warmth will make it that little bit easier to turn the taps off.

3. Real problem? Get it fixed.

If you find yourself with a full-blown hot water outage, it will be very obvious that you need an emergency plumber. But sometimes the problems can be a little harder to spot. If you’re finding your house is running out of hot water much quicker than normal, you could need to have your hot water system fixed or find out if you need to have a larger hot water system installed. Another sign to look out for is a significant jump in your gas or electricity bill. Leaking hot water tanks can cause significant damage to your home, not to mention huge water bills. If you think you might need to fix your hot water system, or would like to speak to us about upgrading to a new gas, solar or electric water heater, give Wild Water Plumbing a call today.

4.A stitch in time:

Avoid a frosty reception from your shower by making sure you keep up to date with the servicing and maintenance of your hot water system. We offer regular scheduled maintenance for clients throughout the North Shore and Northern Beaches, as well as warranty servicing. After the maintenance is completed, we’ll provide you with a detailed report outlining the condition of your hot water heater and any parts we’ve replaced. Investing in scheduled maintenance for your hot water heater will help you avoid costly hot water repairs or system replacements down the track.

If you are looking for a hot water system, we supply, install and maintain Rheem Hot Water systems.

Call us today to resolve your hot water issues – whatever they are!

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