Hello, I’m Lucas and I’m the proud owner operator at Wild Water Plumbing. I’ve been a licensed plumber now for over 11 years. I started this business to offer an excellent quality of service at an affordable upfront price to the local North Shore and Northern Beaches residents – my neighbours.

I trained in a large company and found I wanted to offer a more customer service based solution to people who needed plumbing issues sorted. We want to offer the best value for money option to solve your plumbing woes the first time. While we’d love to keep in touch and see you again, we want to offer the type of service that solves your problem properly.

Ben, Kurtis, Ollie, Lucy and I are all about offering trustworthy service, and upfront quotes at affordable prices. Free of charge is the added bonus of having a fully licensed plumber who shows up on time, works cleanly and quickly and does the job once properly.

There’s only 5 things you need to know about the Wild Water Plumbers:

1 We're licensed

We’ve been in the industry for over 11 years and run a fully licensed and insured business. Before hiring any trade in any field to work on your home in any capacity – ensure they are licensed to do the job. There’s a reason you have to do 4 years of an apprenticeship to be qualified to be a plumber, and you wouldn’t go hiring someone who read a law journal to be your lawyer or someone with teeth to be your dentist. Your home is an asset and keeping it maintained and in good health by qualified and licensed plumbers, electricians and builders ensures you are protecting your asset. We are fully licensed to work on your property.

2 We're local

You could easily bump into us at the beach, or the shops – we’re neighbours! We’re lucky enough to be your local plumbing specialist. Living so close to our business means we’re available to you in an emergency in a short time span. It also means we can appreciate the lifestyle we have in common and want you to get back to enjoying it quickly. No one wants to spend all day waiting around for a plumber to show up – especially since you likely have better things to be doing or responsibilities you need to take care of.

3 We're reliable

We live nearby, so there’s less stress about Sydney traffic and minimal chance of delays. We come prepared with a range of universal fittings and tools that should solve most plumbing problems. Sometimes we need to get a special part for your project, which can extend out the job. We’re great communicators, and if we’re held up on another job, we’ll be sure to let you know. It’s rare that time gets away on us, but on the odd occasion things can just take longer. Not only are we on time, and we communicate well, but we also run a clean site. No one likes cleaning up after a plumber – so we leave the site clean and tidy.

4 Our quotes are upfront

Nothing quite like a plumbing emergency to pop up out of the blue and throw you for six. We are committed to offering you upfront costings on all works in advance of the job commencing and will keep you up to date along the way if anything appears to be out of the scope of works originally. It’s frustrating to have a surprise bill to begin with, let alone one that feels like a mortgage repayment. We endeavour to offer reasonable pricing for quality work.

5 We're affordable

You won’t pay extra for great customer service. We don’t load pricing on parts and charge affordable hourly rates for labour. We are a family run business that understands the costs of running a family and don’t wish to make the surprise of a plumbing emergency stop you in your tracks. Upfront quotes with affordable prices on quality parts by experienced plumbers – what more could you want?

Call us now 0405 692 151

So if you’re looking for a plumber you can trust, that won’t waste your time and is affordable, look no further than Wild Water Plumbing! Call us now on 0405 692 151!