Plumbing Considerations When Installing Outdoor Showers

by | Oct 16, 2021

With the warm weather rolling around, it’s time to take off the swimming pool covers and enjoy some outdoor time. Having an outdoor shower not only provides practical convenience for your family and visitors, but it can also complement the look of your garden.

Why Outdoor Showers

As a stylish feature in your garden, an outdoor shower can offer refreshment as a way to rinse down sand, salt or chlorine from the pool, as well as cooling down after gardening work outdoors. This helps remove debris and dirt before entering the home and also saves you from wiping up ‘wet footprints! It is no wonder that many homeowners are planning to install an outdoor shower all ready for the summer action.

Blending an Outdoor Shower with your Garden

Before installing an outdoor shower, consider the layout of your garden and landscaping. There are many clever ways to add the element of an outdoor shower as part of your garden. Surrounding plants can provide additional shade and privacy, creating the feel of a sanctuary. You can also match tapware to the atmosphere of the garden and the characteristics of your pool. Ensure that you select durable tapware made from materials that are durable outdoors and can weather the harsher elements, such as stainless steel, chrome, or brushed metallic.

Plumbing Considerations

Depending on the location of your shower, you need to ensure that water can drain properly. Your local council may have stipulations regarding where the water run-off can go, and other requirements for compliance. For example, the shower may need to be installed with a drain that connects to sewerage for drainage, whether or not a roof is required, and how having tempered – both hot and cold water connected can affect your installation.

Creating an Oasis with Wild Water Plumbing

Outdoor showers are becoming increasingly popular in the Australian backyard. However, it’s important to engage professional services to make sure that your installation is compliant and safe.

Wild Water Plumbing is more than a licensed plumber Northern Beaches who can professionally install your outdoor shower correctly with proper drainage. Our experienced team also has a keen eye for design and can help you plan, measure, source and supply the necessary materials to set up more than just a shower. With the right design and installation, you can create a stylish oasis within your garden.

Servicing Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches, our team at Wild Water Plumbing is here to help spice up your backyard with a stylish Outdoor Shower this summer. Get in touch for an obligation-free quote today.