Plumbing Doctor to the Rescue

by | Jun 28, 2015

A Plumbing Doctor makes house calls for all sorts of reasons!

When you go to the doctor for a check up they test your blood pressure, your eyesight, they quiz you on your general health and they may even ask you to get a blood test. Though many Aussie’s may avoid it, a doctor’s check up ensures you’re in good health and can prevent health issues presenting. “But what has this got to do with my plumbing?” you might say…

When it comes to diagnosing plumbing problems, it’s not that different to hitting up your local GP. You can get the same kind of comprehensive examination for your home with a licensed “plumbing doctor”. From water leak detection to assessing the health of your pipes, the Most Common Plumbing Problems that come up on the list when I put on my plumbing doctor jacket and give your home a physical.


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Water Leak Detection


If you have a leak in your home it could be a problem with a pipe or perhaps your waterproofing isn’t quite up to scratch. By getting an early diagnosis through a home checkup you can avoid more serious structural weaknesses in your home caused by leaks. Leaking water can also make your paint bubble, walls crack and of course, it also leads to higher water bills due to water wastage. During a home check up your water meter will be inspected to see if there is water being wasted through a crack somewhere and its location will be detected. At Wild Water Plumbing we can not only detect leaks but we can also replace your waterproofing using methods that adhere to the latest building code.

CCTV Pipe Inspection

Getting your pipes checked for cracks, blockages or weaknesses is a preventative measure that can avoid major leaks in the future. Our CCTV technology means there’s no need for digging we can check out your pipes from above ground. Looking at your pipes without any hassle means that root intervention, leaks and general pipe health can be assessed and diagnosis takes very little time. If something needs sealing or reinforcing we can do that on the spot.

The Presence of Mould

Mould in your home is a hazard to you and your family’s health. The presence of mould is a tell tale sign of dampness or a possible leak. If you’ve noticed mould accumulating on your roof or on your wall it could be worth a check up. When we see mould in our home it doesn’t necessarily guarantee a plumbing issue is present. It can be the product of wet weather or condensation but if you clean it and it comes back quickly it may be a leak that’s causing the mouldy problem.

Blocked Drains

Blocked or slow-flowing outdoor and indoor drains are a bacteria’s dream come true. If you’ve had stagnant water in your drain after wild weather or perhaps there’s a partial blockage in one of your pipes, you’ll know about it pretty quick when it starts to smell. Avoid situations that could affect your family’s health by getting your drains cleared out by our plumbing doctor service. Our high pressure cleaning technology will ensure your drains and pipes stay clear, clean and bacteria free.

Just like when you go for a check up with your GP, our plumbing health check will make sure the plumbing in your home stays in tip top shape. Water leak detection, CCTV Pipe Inspection and High Pressure Cleaning are all preventative measures that reduce the possibility of larger problems occurring in the future. Give me a call to organise your home health check and I will make sure your place and your plumbing is looking healthy.