Plumbing maintenance for the winter months

by | May 17, 2015

Winter can be a cold, hard pest in Sydney. The North Shore has older homes which are more prone to plumbing issues. Aging pipes, years of wear and tear and tree roots encroaching on underground plumbing send home owners crazy. As Winter approaches it’s important to be wary of issues associated with colder temperatures. We’ve highlighted some common North Shore and Hornsby plumbing problems (and their dollar saving remedies) below.

Cracking conditions

Ben and I spend a lot of our time helping our neighbours on the North Shore. As a certified Hornsby plumber we have a large number of clients in the Hornsby area and it’s surrounding suburbs. Many of the homes we work at have been built over seventy years ago and for this reason problems with underground plumbing occur more frequently.

During Winter a number of factors contribute to the increased possibility of plumbing problems. The colder weather outside means our household water consumption rises, putting more pressure on our pipes. In combination with this our pipes are affected by the low ambient temperature and pipes that are affected by low temperatures are more prone to cracking.

Small leaks caused by cracks often go unnoticed. In order to avoid major water wastage I can come out and check your pipes are in good order. Using the latest in CCTV technology the process is quick and will put your mind at ease.

Clean out your gutters

It may seem like an arduous task but by cleaning out your gutters now you can make sure they don’t get blocked and potentially broken this Winter. While trees surrounding our homes drop their leaves during Autumn, our guttering gets filled with leaf litter. All it takes is a day or two of rain for our gutters to overflow or become damaged due to backed up water. Problems like these can be avoided using a bit of elbow grease, a ladder and a pair of gloves to remove the gunk from your gutters.

Blocked Drains

Thanks to Autumn leaves, rain and a buildup of debris over time it’s often during Winter when our drains get clogged. If you’ve ever experienced a blocked drain you will also be familiar with the smell that comes with it and it’s unpleasant to say the least. Before Winter hits make sure your drains are in working order by removing any visible blockages with a gloved hand. If the build up seems a little more substantial simply give your Hornsby plumber a call. I will give your drains a quick once over with my high pressure cleaning system to avoid any problems from building up.

If you’ve noticed a slow flowing drain inside the house and a plunger won’t do the trick try this quick home remedy. Combine one cup of baking soda with a cup of salt and pour down your drain followed by a cup of white vinegar. Leave for ten minutes and then flush with boiling water. If this doesn’t work, it’s time to send in the professionals.

Don’t put it down the drain

During Winter we love cooking warm, hearty meals. Every night is a good night for a roast when it’s cold outside. It’s important to be mindful of how you dispose of oils and grease when cooking your Winter warmers though. Oil and grease causes clogs in your drains and coats your piping. When you have a buildup of fat and oil simply pour into a glass or plastic container. Once the container is full, throw it away.

By implementing these simple strategies you can avoid some of the common plumbing issues that arise during the colder months. Unfortunately sometimes issues can’t be avoided, so if you do find yourself facing a Winter plumbing problem don’t panic. I’m only a phone call away and am a Hornsby plumber who has been servicing the North Shore for more than eleven years. I will be there when you need me, give me a yell and we can sort out the problem quick smart.