Plumbing situations you might not have expected in Sydney

by | May 10, 2015

Anyone who has spent longer than forty-eight hours in Sydney knows that the city is renowned for presenting all four seasons in one day. While Sydney is generally associated with sunny, blue skies and beautiful beaches, mild winters and moderate rainfall, the weather can quickly turn with little to no notice. Unpredictable weather like this can result in unexpected household problems.

Over the past two weeks the State Emergency Services have been inundated with calls thanks to the huge Sydney Storm that closed roads, flooded homes and blew over multiple trees. Only days later the city was hit with a second storm cell that caused extensive hail, blanketing parts of the city in white. Our Manly plumbing service also received a high number of calls with Manly residents experiencing flooding, a blanket of hailstones and high winds over the past three weeks.

When weather like this hits the damage is extensive and problems with our homes and plumbing crop up that none of us were expecting. I’ve put together a list of the four most unexpected Sydney plumbing problems that I have been faced with during the Winter months.

Frozen Pipes

As a Northern Beaches local I wouldn’t expect to see frozen pipes in a city renowned for its balmy temperatures. During Winter we can get damp conditions and very cold overnight temperatures which lead to pipes freezing. This can cause cracks, leaks and blockages. While rare, if your taps won’t produce water and you suspect your pipes are frozen call your plumber Manly-way to take a closer look.

Icy guttering

During June, July and August it’s common to wake up to frost on your car and the windows of your home. The same thing happens in our gutters and if there is a buildup of water thanks to leaf litter and blockages the water can frost or freeze. In most cases the frost melts when the sun comes out in Sydney but if there is a build up, or a big storm, the weight of the frozen water can cause damage to your guttering and the ice needs to be removed. It’s best to clear the gutters before Winter to avoid the problem upfront.

Burst Pipes

Pipes can burst for a number of reasons. Perhaps a blockage has caused a buildup of pressure, tree roots are causing intervention or a small crack has gone unnoticed and turned into a much larger problem over time. Either way, as Sydney siders we don’t expect to have bursting pipes from the cold. If a pipe in your wall or ceiling bursts this can lead to large scale home damage, mould build up and electrical issues. It’s important to have your home checked for wayward leaks, and your plumber Manly-way can help you resolve the issue and minimise damage.

Lead Piping

Lead piping isn’t used in Sydney these days as copper pipes replaced lead pipes in the 1930’s. If you have a really old home, lead piping might still be detectable as it remains in some areas of the city unbeknownst to residents. While the presence of lead piping is rare, if your home was built before 1930 there is an increased chance of its presence. The presence of lead is often discovered during general maintenance or plumbing repairs, with an increase in call outs during Winter. Our CCTV technology can check it out for you without any need for excavation. Lead is poisonous and its presence in our drinking water can be dangerous to our health. Don’t be too worried though, in a majority of areas in Sydney lead piping is not present.

Have you experienced another bizarre plumbing issue that you wouldn’t expect to see in Manly? Post your addition to the list on our Facebook Page, we would be interested to hear about it!

If you have a plumbing issue this Winter or any plumbing damage caused by the wild weather that requires professional attention we’re here to help. The last thing you need is a blockage, overflowing drain or leak that causes you a headache during the cold months. As a plumber Manly-way we have seen nearly every Winter plumbing problem there is and can guarantee we’ve got the fix. Just give us a call and we can lend a hand.