Preparing Your Plumbing When You (Finally) Go On Holiday

by | Sep 28, 2021

With the summer break approaching, many of us are excited about finally being able to plan a holiday trip or a much-needed getaway. As you make your arrangements, don’t forget to prepare a plumbing checklist before you leave, so that you can truly relax and enjoy a well-deserved holiday, without coming back to a water-damaged home.

Here are the items that you should include on your Roseville Plumbing Preparation checklist:

Checking for Potential Leaks

This involves looking at every appliance or connection that supplies water in your home. Start from one area and go through every room or space. For example, if you start at the kitchen, you’ll be checking the sinks, taps, and dishwasher before moving on to another area. Be sure to also look under the sink, as flexi hoses can corrode and leak. You can feel for any unusual moisture or see if there are any signs of rust. Look for damp walls, mould, or swollen door and window frames that could also indicate a hidden leak.

Checking the Water Heater

After running a thorough check of the sinks, taps, baths, showers and appliances within your home, you should also check the outdoor areas including the water heater. Ensure your water heater is running efficiently and has been serviced and in good condition, without leaks or build-up. Walk around the garden and check external taps and hoses as well. If you notice strange pools of muddy water or an extra lush patch of lawn, this may indicate an underground water leak and should be investigated by a professional leak detector before you leave.

Checking Your Drains

While you’re outside, take a look also at your gutters and drains to see if there’s any debris or leaves that could block drainage and potentially cause water overflow in case of heavy rain and storm. The last thing you need is water flowing back into your ceilings or coming home to a flooded backyard with water seeping indoors.

Turning off Main Water Supply

Finally, it’s always a good idea to shut off the main water valve in case of unexpected burst pipes. As there will be no one home to notice it, a burst pipe can rapidly cause extensive water damage which may even affect the structural integrity of your home. Not only is your water bill going to skyrocket, but the repairs will also be costly and cause a huge inconvenience to your family.

Don’t let plumbing issues ruin your holiday! You can engage a professional plumber to conduct a plumbing health check and carry out any necessary maintenance before your trip. If you are in the Sydney North Shore and Northern Beaches area, Wild Water Plumbing can help. Our team is specialists in leak detection and can spot any potential issues to give you peace of mind so that you can enjoy your holiday.

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