Professional leak detection – is it worth the cost

by | Jun 29, 2021

The popularity of home DIY has grown over the recent years, from decorations to full cabinetry and renovations, it seems that everyone is trying their hand at property maintenance.

However, some areas are worth the cost of engaging the services of a professional, especially when it comes to electrical and plumbing which require extensive training, experience, qualifications, and licensing. 

Not to mention, the risk of physical danger or causing even more costly damage to your home in the process. 

One such area is professional leak detection. You may ask, is it worth the cost?

Perhaps you noticed a musty and damp smell lately or an unusually high water bill. It might be that there are bubbles or mould on your walls behind paintwork. You suspect there is a leak and wondering how to go about locating it.

This is where a professional can help you save money, time and keep your property safe.

Specialised equipment

When it comes to water leak detection, you really cannot DIY without specialised equipment that is designed to locate the leak. Even if you have some idea where the leak comes from, the area may still be too large to allow for detailed inspection. You might even be surprised that the actual location is far from where you have suspected, as water can travel far along walls, skirtings, and frames. A professional can save you the stress of identifying whether there is indeed a leak and the exact location, using specific equipment such as CCTV drain cameras and moisture readers. 

Minimal impact

Added to the complexity is that many leaks are hidden to the naked eye as pipes and plumbing are almost completely behind walls or installed deep underground. Unless you have x-ray vision, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to detect a hidden leak without professional help. Using a leak detection specialist can save you from having to tear up your backyard or put holes in your walls trying to find the leak. A professional can detect the leak using non-invasive equipment to minimise disruptions and inconveniences to your family and home.

Savings over the long term

It is important to remedy a leak thoroughly and completely, as leaks can indicate a larger problem such as aging pipes, blockages, faulty installations, or a lapse in waterproofing. A professional will be able to carry out a full investigation to ensure your property’s structural integrity. You save money over the long term knowing that the problem is being taken care of properly and thoroughly, without causing further damage that was left undetected.Wild Water Plumbing is a team of professional, reliable, and expert leak detection plumbers servicing the local community of North Beaches and Sydney’s North Shore. If you suspect a leak, contact us to see how we can help today!