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What Is Rising Damp?

WHAT You Need To Know

As the number one culprit for major decay around the world, the fight against rising damp is a battle that can be prepared for.

Before you can conquer your enemy, you first need to know thy enemy. Rising damp occurs in buildings when water from the ground rises up through the masonry material of the foundation by capillary action. To state it plainly, what happens is, the water rises up the porous wall of a structure similar to how a sponge soaks up water in your kitchen sink.

If a building hasn’t been properly prepared, rising damp is something that often can’t be avoided. This is because it is a natural phenomenon that needs to be protected against. Damp will rise (hence the name) by capillary action through the pores of the building material in an effort to seek a means of evaporation. This will go on until it gets to a height where gravity takes over and pulls it down again. This will happen unless no evaporation is possible.

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If you’re wondering if rising damp is a problem for your health just like it is with your home, the answer is yes. If you have damp and mould in your home, you are more likely to develop respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma.  

Your immune system could also be compromised by the damp and mould which is all the more reason to prevent and treat rising damp.



Blocked Stormwater Drains

There are a few factors that contribute to this unfortunate phenomenon. A common factor to rising damp may be stormwater run-off which leads to too much wetness near the building. Another big possibility is that the structure was not armoured against dampness with an impenetrable membrane which is a standard structural additional in today’s building practice.

Leaking Shower Bases

Just like with other leaks, there is a risk of a leaking shower base draining water where it shouldn’t be. If your shower based is leaking water into the ground, this is a prime example of where rising damp can originate.

Subsoil Drainage Issues

Subsoil drainage protects your structure from water damage. If there is an issue with this system, rising damp can be a result if the water penetrates the base of your building. There are also other issues like damaging drain systems and soil placement surrounding the subsoil drainage.

Blocked And Leaking Down Pipes

Blocked and leaking drains and pipes are bigger contributors to rising damp than homeowners may realise. If a drain is blocked, then it will overfill and lead to water building up. The same applies if a pipe is leaking, the water will flow elsewhere and fill up a lower point. When water stands, it will try and find an escape by locating the path with the least resistance in order to keep moving. This can even mean infiltrating the home.

Roof Leaks

Leaking roofs can cause havoc on the state of your structure. Just like with any other leakage issue, having water where it shouldn’t be, will cause dampness. If your roof is leaking, water can seep into the walls or flow directly to the ground. Either way, rising dampness is a big probability where there may be a roof leak.

Leaking Water Pipes

Are your pipes damaged? Cracks and breakages in your pipe system can end up causing a significant problem if left unattended. Aside from testing your pipes, be sure to inspect them visually. Leaking pipes will lead to dampness where there shouldn’t be any.

Wondering if you may fall victim to rising damp?

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