Blocked Drain & CCTV Inspection

A blocked drain can be a slowly gathered problem, or a situation that becomes urgent in an instant. The key to ensuring your property is safe is when to react to a blocked drain and the answer is as soon as the problem presents itself. Catching the problem early means you are less likely to have a large back up to clear when it’s time to call the plumber.

There are 3 pretty key issues with drains that cause them to become blocked. Tree roots, foreign objects or a build-up of tissue that hasn’t broken down properly, or a collapsed pipe, can all cause larger problems if not dealt with at the first sign of an issue.

So how do we get ahead of the problem? Early signs of a blocked drain include slowly draining sinks and baths or the toilet is draining slowly. If the blockage is further down the line, the plumbing throughout the whole house will be affected as no pipe can drain through the main line. You can test the whereabouts of the blockage by turning taps and flushing toilets on in different areas of the house to see if the problem is localised or further down the pipes.

What do we do about a blocked drain?


Why does it help? Getting in down the pipes to see what the problem is saves time and money upfront. The cost of repairs on pipes can seem overwhelming quickly, so its important to ensure you are 100% sure of what you are dealing with upfront, and not wasting time diagnosing the problem.

Our state of the art CCTV system allows us to see what the cause of the blockage is and quote you upfront – without having to excavate your yard or tear up your foundations to source the issue. Getting your blocked drain sorted was never as easy as it is right now!


Once we know what is blocking the drain, we can use the right tools to fix it – without damage or delay. Modern plumbing tools like the hydrojet afford us the opportunity to use high level water pressure to flush the drain out, instead of dangerous chemicals or excavating your yard to get to the cause of the problem – saving time, money and the environment.


We use environmentally safe products and avoid chemicals as often as possible. The environment is very important to us, and if we can clear your blocked drain without harsh chemical agents to break everything down, we will. We love our beaches and want to protect our waterways from any dangerous runoffs, while clearing your drains from blockages.

Lucas the Plumber from Wild Water Plumbing

As you can see, blocked drains are no fuss for our team at Wild Water Plumbing! We get in and get the job done with state of the art technology on our side, utilising CCTV cameras and the best available hydro jetting equipment on the market to get your drains cleaned cleanly.

Call us today on 0405 692 151 to have your blocked drain issues resolved before they become nightmares.

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