Blocked Toilet

There is no doubt nothing worse to have a blocked toilet, toilet flushing problems, there are any number of plumbing problems with toilets! The good news is, any of those problems usually lead back to be a pretty direct toilet fix, meaning you won’t be living in the dark ages for long!

Fixing a toilet is a job best left to the professionals. A licensed plumber will have the best knowledge and most direct access to getting the toilet problems solved quickly.




Are you suffering from any of the below:

1 Slow flushing Toilet

A slow flushing toilet can mean there is a collection of debris and paper trapped in the toilet or further down in the main pipes. A toilet that is slow to flush definitely has a problem, and while it might not seem that critical now, it absolutely will be when it is out of order and overflowing.

Allowing a qualified plumber with the right tools to solve your problem as it surfaces means you never have to face the inevitable disaster site that a backed up and overflowing toilet brings with it. Save yourself the clean up and the stress on your families hygiene.

It’s normally a pretty quick toilet fix that requires minimal access and little impact on your daily routine. We can likely be in to fix your toilet and back out again before you know it! Don’t hesitate to call a registered plumber ASAP when you notice a slowly flushing toilet.

2 Running Toilet

A running toilet – why fix it? – wasting water! One leaky toilet could fill a swimming pool each year! A running toilet wastes more water than a dripping faucet!

Toilets leak due to corrosion or wearing on the parts used in the mechanism to get the toilet to flush. It’s important to get a licensed plumber in to fix your toilet to ensure the parts used are compatible with your toilet and made of quality materials to ensure you won’t be needing assistance again in a hurry.

3 Leaking Toilet

On the rare occasion, a toilet can decide to leak from any number of places. If you are finding small pools of water around the base of the toilet pan & cistern, it’s important to check with your registered plumber as to where the water is coming from. Wasting water costs you money and is an unnecessary burden on Sydney’s water reservoir.

It’s important to find out where the water is leaking from and that it is mended quickly to ensure it isn’t posing a hygiene threat to your family. It goes without saying that water left on any surface is a slip hazard and can sneak up on you causing any number of dangers.

So when the threat of toilet troubles presents itself at your door, don’t panic! Just call your licensed plumber to come and save the day, providing quality workmanship, service and parts at affordable prices and within reasonable time frames. We’ll have you back in your routine in no time, and you won’t think twice about your toilet problems again!