Burst Pipes

A burst water pipe can happen suddenly, and often remain undetected for a prolonged period of time, until you receive an expensive water bill. An easily recognisable sign that can identify if you have a burst water pipe is if you have a constant wet patch on your lawn and the weather has been  clear.

If you have concerns that you may have a burst water pipe or a leak along your water mains, an easy way to confirm this is by turning your water main off overnight, then checking the meter both that night and again the following morning. If the meter is reading water usage, then you have a burst pipe or a leak and need to contact your North Shore pipe renewal and replacement experts at Wild Water Plumbing.

At Wild Water Plumbing we offer a complete service of pipe relining sydney to diagnose, repair or replace burst water pipes.

These plumbing services include:


While water build-up around your home or business when there has been no rainfall is an obvious indication that you have a leak or burst water pipe, it may not always be this easy to recognise a leak. Without the right equipment, finding a burst water pipe or leak can be as difficult as trying to find a needle in a haystack. That is when you need the services of leak detection specialists, Wild Water Plumbing. Our North Shore plumbers are equipped with drain cameras and CCTV, so that they can find your burst pipe or leak without delay, and repair or replace it for you.


If you have a burst water pipe or water leak you need to contact Wild Water Plumbing to repair or replace it for you urgently, so you don’t end up with an expensive water bill. Depending on your pipeline concern, whether it is underground or above ground, there are different methods we use to repair the pipe. For underground pipelines, the main method we use is pipeline renewal, as it avoids trenching. Pipeline renewal involves relining the existing pipe, strengthening it to as new condition..


For burst water pipes that occur in above ground pipelines, replacing sections of the line is a more viable alternative than pipeline renewal, as this type of pipeline is much easier to access. Our North Shore Plumbers can replace a section of your residential or commercial pipeline, or the complete pipeline if it is in poor condition, for a competitive rate. Call us for a no-obligation free quote today for all of your leak detection and burst pipe replacement needs!


Debris, tree and plant roots and organic matter can block up your pipelines and guttering, resulting in costly repairs, if not regularly cleaned. You can help to alleviate damage to your pipelines by having Wild  Water Plumbing clean these using hydrojetting. Hydrojetting directs a high powered water stream along your lines, flushing out any debris that has built-up inside these. We can also arrange scheduled pipeline maintenance for your home or business, to keep your pipelines clear all year round.

Another service we offer at North Shore Plumbers is gutter guard installation. Gutter guard works as a filter which helps to stop debris being collected by your guttering and causing damage, or becoming a fire hazard.

Contact Wild Water Plumbing for all of your North Shore burst pipe repair and replacement needs. We are available 24/7 for emergency call-outs if required.