Emergency Plumber

Burst pipes, leaking toilets, blocked guttering, drainage or sewage overflowing can happen at any time, so it is vital to have an experienced plumber. Specialists in emergency plumbing, our team offers 24/7 support when you need us most, throughout all suburbs on the North Shore, as well as the surrounding regions.

Some of the emergency plumbing services we provide include:

  •    Leaking sewerage system repairs or replacement
  •    Broken or faulty hot water system installation or repairs
  •    Burst pipe – replacement or repairs
  •    Roofing repairs due to water leaks
  •    Blown tap washer replacement
  •    Clearing stormwater blockages
  •    Drain excavation
  •    Leak detection

Read more about the services offered by our emergency plumbers:


Leaking sewage in your home or business can cause major health issues, especially if it feeds into a water main and contaminates your drinking water. If you notice a bad odour or any other sign that you may have a faulty or leaking sewerage system, an emergency plumber immediately.



If left unchecked, burst pipes can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your property, destroying carpets, staining walls and damaging your furniture and electrical goods. Our North Shore emergency plumbing service has a team of qualified and skilled plumbers that we can despatch urgently, to repair or replace broken pipes, to help avoid costly long-term restoration services.



A leaking toilet is not only unsightly, it can also affect the integrity of your flooring, if water is left to pool over time. Protect your property investment and arrange for emergency plumbing, if your toilet is damaged or defective.



Drainage overflowing can become a hazard for homes and businesses when extreme weather patterns batter Sydney’s coastline. While flooding is a common concern, there have been instances where debris blocking a drain, has caused it to collapse. We are on call around the clock for overflowing or collapsed drainage, as well as all other plumbing emergencies.



Blocked guttering and downpipes are a common problem in Sydney’s cool winter months, with heavy rainfall and wind causing debris to build-up, which can result in flooding or a leaking roof. Our emergency services are on call if flooding or a leaking roof is causing you discomfort, or threatening the safety of your home or business.


We won’t keep you waiting.

Don’t wait for plumbing emergencies such as these to become an insurance nightmare! Contact Wild Water Plumbing, for competitive rates on an emergency plumber who offers prompt, professional service. We only use quality fittings in our repairs and installations, that are designed to last.

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Our team operates throughout the North Shore and surrounding areas and we are available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week for all of your plumbing needs.

We offer both domestic and commercial plumbing services for affordable rates, without an excessive call-out fee. Our team of skilled plumbers understand how stressful plumbing emergencies can be, and are committed to reaching you as quickly as possible after you call. We also offer a complete service guarantee, so you have peace-of-mind that your repairs or installation is completed to a superior standard.

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