Sewer Line Repair and Renewal

The North Shore and Northern Beaches often experience extreme weather, especially during the winter months, which impacts heavily on the local sewer lines.

If the sewer lines are damaged, there is a danger that water mains can become contaminated, which is why it is crucial to have an experienced plumber available, such as Wild Water Plumbing to unblock sewer lines, as well as provide sewer line repairs, renewals, and if necessary alterations.

Some of the sewer related plumbing services we offer include:


Over time sewer lines can become blocked with debris, organic matter or root systems, which left unchecked can result in pressure developing along the line causing cracks, or in worst case scenarios, the sewer line bursting. It is vital that sewer lines are regularly checked for any blockages, before they require expensive repairs or replacement. At Wild Water Plumbing we are experts in clearing sewer lines, using the latest high pressure cleaning equipment to complete the task quickly and efficiently, as well as ensuring a thorough clean.


The pressure of constant sewage travelling along the main and through the pipelines, as well as blockages impeding the flow of sewage creating additional stress to the sewer, can  result in cracks forming. Constant maintenance is necessary to stop cracks in the sewer lines contaminating water mains, or the local environment.

Wild Water Plumbing is a sewer specialist, with many years experience in providing spot sewer line repairs along lines, or even replacing part of the sewer lines, if the damage is more extensive.

For emergencies, such as when a sewer line has burst during storm season, Wild Water Plumbing provide 24/7 emergency North Shore sewer line repairs or replacement.


As areas develop, sewer lines often need to be altered to handle the additional sewage that is travelling along the lines. Before designing any plans for sewer alterations, it is worth consulting with a sewer specialist such as Wild Water Plumbing. Our plumbers have the expertise to assess sewer lines and mains and install a system that is the right capacity to handle the amount of sewage expected after development.


At Wild Water Plumbing we are specialists in sewer line and sewer main renewal. Due to constant use, over time sewer lines and mains deteriorate and need to be repaired or replaced. We use the latest trenchless methods when undertaking a sewer line or sewer main renewal, which are a more environmentally friendly alternative to trenching, as well as to avoid issues such as road closures and disruptions to foot traffic. Relining one method we use for sewer renewal, which involves inserting a liner into the old line or main for reinforcement.


Our North Shore plumbers use state-of-the-art equipment to test sewer lines and mains and diagnose faults. By feeding a camera through the mains, with a direct CCTV video feed, we can quickly and efficiently determine where a sewer line or main needs to be repaired or replaced, saving time and money.

For all of your North Shore and Northern Beaches sewer line and main renewal and alterations, as well as spot sewer line repairs contact the sewer specialists at Wild Water Plumbing.

Wild Water can help with are experienced with – 

  •    Sewer alterations
  •    Sewer relocations
  •    Sewer renewals
  •    CCTV and drain camera diagnostics
  •    Sewer unblocking
  •    Spot repairs
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