Water Leak Detection

Did you just come back from holiday with a water bill that doesn’t fit? Can you see bubbles or marks forming in your paint work? Maybe you can smell something a bit musty and damp?

There’s two problems you could be facing – either your waterproofing isn’t working or you might just have a water leak! Calling a plumber who can detect a leak the minute you see a change in your normal water situation can be the difference between a small water leak or lapse in waterproofing and a full investigation into your home’s structural integrity. Contact us for  blocked drains northern beachesmould removal & water leak detector sydney

Our services for leak detection:

1 Waterproofing your home

Waterproofing needs to be done to Australian Standards to meet building code requirements. It’s essential in wet areas and roofing that waterproofing occurs to ensure the protection from water damage to seen and unseen areas of your home. No one wants the cost and inconvenience of having to rip out walls and floors to mend water leaks. It could mean an unplanned renovation! Ensure you use a licensed plumber with waterproofing experience that adheres to building code.



2 Waterproofing for Renovations

If you are upgrading your bathroom, kitchen or laundry wet areas, it’s important to ensure the areas you are renovating are meeting current Australian Standards. As time goes on, waterproofing requirements have changed, and your original bathroom built 50 years ago will definitely need a waterproofing specialist prior to any fixture installations and tiling. For a quote on your waterproofing needs, give Lucas a call at Wild Water Plumbing on 0405 692 151.

3 Home health check

Water in areas of your home it shouldn’t be can be disastrous. Mould spores, a breakdown of the building structure materials, building damage to walls and paint – the list of things a slow leak can damage is endless!

Enter the water leak detection service from Wild Water Plumbing. We use modern technology and common sense methods to find the source of leaks in your home – and fix them.

To protect your family from breathing in nasty mould spores, and ensure the safety of the structure of your home, call a licensed and experienced plumber today.

Water leak detection is an affordable service that gives you peace of mind that your home’s plumbing is in good working order. To speak to Lucas today, contact him on 0405 692 151 to book in ASAP for your water leak detection test in home at a time that suits you. Not only will it save you money from wasted water that you are paying for, but it will keep your home in good health and it won’t be wasting good quality drinking water.

Plumbing tool kit at Wild Water Plumbing

The only water we want you to be concerned about is the kind that makes you happy!

You should spend your spare time enjoying the backyard pool or the beach, getting some vitamin D or tending to other things! Let us help you with your plumbing leak detection needs and save you the hassle of worrying.

Lucas the Plumber from Wild Water Plumbing