The Importance Of Pressure Limiting Valves

by | Sep 5, 2022

Nobody likes to have low water pressure because it’s so inconvenient. However, did you know that high water pressure can also be a problem? If you need help regulating your home’s water pressure, you might need to contact expert plumbers on the North Shore, Sydney.

What If My Water Pressure Is Too High?

Excessively high water pressure can cause damage to your home’s plumbing, causing leaks and burst pipes. Burst pipes and leaks can lead to significant water damage to your home while also driving up your water bill.

Moreover, high water pressure can make showers, for example, use much more water than usual, leading to wastage and higher-than-usual water bills.

What Are Pressure Limiting Valves?

A pressure limiting valve (PLV) is a small, simple device that is fitting to your home’s plumbing that limits the water pressure to a set level. This valve remains open if the water pressure is below the threshold but closes once the pressure gets too high, thereby protecting your home’s plumbing against spikes in water pressure.

Why Do I Need A Pressure Limiting Valve?

A PLV will protect your plumbing from taking undue strain from the high pressure. This can help you avoid suffering ruptured pipes and the resulting water damage to the home.

What Should My Maximum Water Pressure Be?

Australian law requires any new plumbing not to exceed 500 kPa of water pressure. Although old plumbing doesn’t have to adhere to this limit necessarily, the damage that excessively high pressure can do to your home remains a risk.

Am I Required To Have A Pressure Limiting Valve?

If you want your home to be insured ‒ particularly the plumbing ‒ then you’ll need a PLV, as some insurance companies require homes to have the valves installed to receive coverage.

Moreover, as mentioned above, it is required by law in new plumbing.

Will A Pressure Limiting Valve Ruin My Shower?

In short, no. When a plumber installs a PLV in your home, it will be set to a safe but comfortable water pressure that will ensure your shower’s water pressure remains just the way you like it.

Call our professional team of plumbers on the North Shore, Sydney, to have a PLV installed or for an emergency or maintenance problem today!