Time for a Pool Health Check

by | Nov 23, 2021

Time for a Pool Health Check

With summer just around the corner, many homeowners are getting ready to enjoy the outdoors and pulling off the pool covers. This is also an excellent time to check the health of your pool to ensure you get the most of it this season.

Checking Your Swimming Pool

While a water test and equipment check are the must-dos, it’s also important to remember to check the water level of your pool to ensure there are no hidden leaks. Often, pool leaks are invisible to the naked eye as water can escape in many possible ways. A consistent drop in water level that is not related to evaporation or splash out is generally an indication that you may leak.

Checking for a Pool Leak

If you suspect a pool leak, you can run a simple bucket test:

  • Make sure the pool water is at the correct level.
  • Fill a bucket to about ¾ full.
  • Place the bucket on the pool step.
  • Mark the water level with a permanent marker on the inner and outer sides of the bucket (do this while the pump is not operating)
  • Leave overnight for 24 hours and compare the marked levels of water the next day (you can leave the pump running during this time)
  • If the level of pool water has dipped below the mark in the bucket, then you may have a leak.

Identifying Pool Leaks

Pool leaks can be challenging to locate independently, as the swimming pool involves underground pipework and covers a large surface area. Different construction materials can also affect how a leak may occur, with a minor crack causing the loss of significant amounts of water each day. If a pool leak is left unattended, not only will your water bill skyrocket, it can potentially result in costly water and structural damage around your property.

Leak Detection Professionals

It is essential to engage a trained professional to conduct a proper leak detection test for your pool leak. This will require the use of specialised equipment such as sonar detection and pressure testing. Wild Water Plumbing uses the latest technology and experienced methods to identify and pinpoint the source of leaks in your pool, serving all areas of Sydney’s North Shore and the Northern Beaches.

We also quote upfront, so you know what to expect right from the start. As Sydney residents ourselves, we understand the living costs and offer you the best solutions & water leak detector Sydney to meet your budget.

Don’t let a leaking pool ruin your summer, get in touch with our team for a pool leak check today.