Water Damage in Australian Homes

by | Aug 12, 2020

Water damage is one of those problems that start small, but can quickly escalate into something serious. You might remember from our previous blog, that water damage is now a more common and costly risk than break-ins and fire in Australia, with insurance claims from water damage being the highest compared to other property claims.

Last month we looked at one of the most common culprits of water damage – the Flexi Hose. So, what other types of water damage are contributing to the high percentage of claims, and what can you do to help minimise the risks?

Check other Hoses & Seals

In addition to the notorious flexi hoses, let us not forget the other hoses and piping around the home. The next most common issue is water damage caused by everyday household appliances. This can be a faulty dishwasher or washing machine which can cause an overflowed sink or a deteriorated hose connected to the appliance.

Investigate unexplained moisture

If you notice any mysterious wetness or spots of mould and mildew, don’t ignore it. Water can travel long distances to pool around your door frames and walls, causing swelling and damage. You might have a hidden leak that needs to be investigated. Another sign to look out for is an unusually expensive water bill, especially if you haven’t changed your water usage habits.

Gutters, Roof, and Garden

While we’re looking at “internal” water damage, external areas should not be overlooked. Clogged gutters can cause overflows in a heavy storm and water seeping into the home. Garden lovers need to also take note that some trees have extensive root systems that can seep through and crack underground pipes, causing blockages to drains and sewerage water overflowing into your home.

Going on holidays?

You might be surprised to hear that water damage claims peak during the holiday period when the home is unattended. A simple tip is to have a holiday checklist with a reminder to shut off water mains before you leave. This way, if any sudden leaks or bursts happen while you’re away, the damage will be significantly minimised.

If you need a hand in checking the condition of your pipes, suspect a hidden leak, or notice a slow-moving drain that may be blocked, Wild Water Plumbing can help.

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