Water Damage – The Surprise Risk Every Home Owner Should Know

by | Jul 14, 2020

Whenever we hear about water damage, we tend to think of storms, torrential rain, or flooding caused by forces of nature. However, did you know that internal water damage in Australian homes is now more common than break-ins and fire? It is also one of the costliest risks that is largely overlooked by homeowners.

One such item that tends to cause trouble is the Flexi Hose – if you haven’t heard of them, you’re not alone! They are a relatively new addition to the modern home, replacing the copper piping from around 15 years ago.

The issue is that most people are unaware that these flexi hoses have only a 5 to 10-year lifespan, a surprising risk that is almost like a ticking time bomb inside your home. They are largely responsible for a dramatic surge in water damage frequency and repair bills, with data revealing an increase of 72% of insurance claims between 2014 – 2018.

So, what are Flexi Hoses?

Flexi Hoses are used as a connection from the water main of the outlet to many household appliances and fixtures including washing machines, dishwashers, plumbed refrigerators, sinks and basins. Unlike the copper pipes which had a much longer lifespan, these hoses are flexible rubber pipes that are covered with an outer layer of braided stainless steel.

The Surprise Risk

As these hoses tend to be concealed under sinks or behind appliances, they are easily overlooked and forgotten, as the saying goes: ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Unfortunately, many homeowners are caught with unexpected bursts which could happen anytime from 5 years after installation, a surprising risk that is often too late when discovered, drowning your home and your pocket!

You might also be surprised to hear that these hoses cost relatively little, around $10, but can come with an extensive and costly repair bill. Within an hour of a flexi hose burst, as much as 1,500L^ of water can pour into your home, causing widespread damage to walls, floors, and even severe structural damage. For those that happen to be away, say on a holiday when this happens, the entire home may become flooded!

Maintenance & Prevention

As Flexi Hoses have a limited lifespan, a good way to prevent a burst hose is to check them around your home on a regular basis, and make note of the dates installed.

To check and inspect the condition of your hoses, take a look at the outer layer to see if there is any rusting or fraying of the metal layer. You should also run your hand along the hose to feel for moisture, which can cause accelerated aging.

Replacement should be performed by a professional as improper installation can lead to a shortened lifespan and premature failure. It is not worth saving a few dollars to DIY when you consider the risks and costs involved should water damage occur.

Here at Wild Water Plumbing, we are specialists with over 11 years of experience in all areas of plumbing and are trusted experts in the local community of Northern Beaches and the North Shore of Sydney. We can provide a routine check and replace your Flexi Hoses if required to give you the peace of mind you need for your home.

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