When to call the plumber: Strange noises

by | Feb 25, 2016

Is it simply a water hammer or something more insidious?

While ‘Things that go bump in the night’ makes for a great bedtime story, it’s not something you generally want associated with your household plumbing! Here at Wild Water, your Plumber Northern Beaches way, we’ve heard our fair share of strange sounds but we’re yet to find one that we haven’t been able to solve. From sinister blocked toilets and drains to mysterious burst pipes, pipe relining and leaks, we’ll track down those bumps and thumps in no time at all. Here are the three most common ‘strange sounds’ to look out for and what a local plumber can do to help.

The ‘Moaning’ Pipe

Ghost or ghoul? More like a faulty valve, usually in your toilet! If your pipes suddenly seem to be moaning, wailing or sounding more like an oboe than drainage, chances are good that you’ve got an issue with your ‘fill valve’. Located at the bottom of the tank, the fill valve is connected to the water supply and fitted with an air-filled ball or cup which shuts off the valve when the water reaches the correct height. If you’ve got an older style valve with metal parts, it’s most likely worn out or corroded from constantly being wet. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix for your plumber, involving removing the worn out part and replacing with a brand new, all-plastic alternative which will not only halt the moaning but most likely last the lifetime of the toilet. Call the plumber today at Wild Water Plumbing for a quote.

The ‘Hissing’ Sink

If your sink sounds as if a snake is trapped down the pipe, chances are good that something is awry. A hissing sound usually indicates that the water pressure is too high. You also might notice a forceful spray from the tap when you turn it on or random banging noises in your pipes. One thing’s for sure, hissing and banging certainly don’t make for happy plumbing with stress being put on your appliances and an increased chance of leaks and even burst pipes. If you think water pressure is an issue, you may need a pressure regulator installed. The regulator can help slow the flow of water entering your home and keep the pressure at reasonable levels, thereby acting as a water hammer arrestor. We can help diagnose and fix the problem quickly so you can get back to enjoying a perfectly pressured hot shower and a hiss-free sink!

A strange ‘gurgling’

When it comes to newborn babies, a strange gurgling usually means something is blocked up and potentially about to blow. The same goes for your plumbing. Gurgling and gasping often means a moderate blockage somewhere along the line, preventing proper drainage. This in turn can lead to a myriad of unpleasantries; think bad smells and stagnant water back up. Quick and effective diagnosis of the problem is the key to avoiding these issues as well as preventing any major damage from occurring. A qualified and experienced plumber can detect exactly what is causing the problem and eradicate it straight away.

We use a state of the art CCTV system to see what the cause of the blockage is. This allows us to give you a quote up front and get straight to work on eradicating the problem. We also use a modern hydro jet pipe cleaning system which means no nasty chemicals around your house!

For friendly advice and assistance, call Wild Water today. With 11 years experience and affordable, upfront pricing, we pride ourselves on assisting residents and families on the North Shore and Northern Beaches with a wide range of solutions to your smallest (and largest) plumbing problems.