Ways to Minimise Water Wastage and Save Money

by | Feb 21, 2022

Are you wasting water and what can you do about it? With the cost of living and everyday expenses increasing, now is a good time to look at ways to also reduce your water and energy bills. Not only will you save money over the long term, but you will also contribute to future sustainability by saving water which is a precious, natural resource.

You may not be aware, but there are many ways you could be wasting water. From a faulty fixture to bad habits, a typical household could be wasting thousands of litres of water per day. Start by looking at the following ways that you might be wasting water:

Long Showers

We all love taking a nice, hot shower after a long day at work. However, the shower is one of the surest and fastest ways to wastewater. Consider switching to a flow-controlled shower head, or using a shower timer.

Washing & Cleaning

Another area where you can easily save water is by checking the way you clean and wash. For example, make sure that you have a full load before you run the dishwasher or laundry machine, or fill up your sink to wash dishes instead of under running water. The same goes for teeth brushing, be aware of letting the tap run and keep a tumbler next to your washbasin. 

Type of Toilet

If you live in an older home, chances are you might have a more conventional toilet that has a larger tank. Modern toilets are designed to flush more efficiently with a smaller tank and also have options for a half or full flush. You could save litres per flush which adds up each day.

Watering the Garden

While water is important to keep your plants alive, there are several ways you can save by making a few easy changes. Try watering your lawn and garden between the early hours or late afternoon, where the water is less likely to evaporate quickly. Or switch to a timed sprinkler with water flow control. If it’s time to freshen up your garden, consider planting drought-resistant plants such as Australian natives that don’t require much watering.

Old and Leaky Pipes

It’s also important to periodically check your plumbing to ensure that there aren’t hidden leaks or old fixtures and appliances that are using water inefficiently. As pipes and plumbing are usually out of sight and hidden behind walls and floors, sometimes it’s hard to tell if there is a leak until you get a shock water bill, or notice unusual moisture and moulds. Be sure to also turn off the main supply if you go on holiday, as sudden burst pipes can cost you thousands of litres every minute.

Booking a professional Plumbing Check can help you identify areas to save water, and to ensure the health of your pipes to prevent unnecessary leaks. Here at Wild Water Plumbing, we provide a comprehensive plumbing health check to save you stress, hassle and money.

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