What Is Rising Damp? Everything You Need To Know

by | Feb 11, 2020

As one of the causes of major structural decay around many homes, the fight against rising damp is a battle that can be prepared for. We’ve been in the industry for over 11 years and have seen the problems it causes homes, not to mention peoples health.

There is a lot to be learned about this phenomenon and how to protect not only your health, but your home. Get ready to get to the bottom of that musty smell and suspicious stain that wasn’t there a week ago. Read on to find out more.

What Is Rising Damp?
Before anyone can triumph over their enemy, they need to first know their enemy. Rising damp occurs in any building structure when water collected from the ground is absorbed through the foundations and rises up the walls. To state it plainly, what happens is, the water rises up the porous wall of a structure similar to how a sponge soaks up water in your kitchen sink.

To avoid any sort of rising damp occurring, all buildings must be adequately prepared from the beginning to ensure this natural phenomenon doesn’t penetrate the foundations. Water will naturally rise (where it got its name from) through the pores of the building structure in an effort to find a way to evaporate. Rising damp will form mould if no evaporation is possible.

What Are The Health Risks?
In the same way rising damp will cause a problem to the structural integrity of your home, it can cause long term issues with your health, compromising your immune system as well as developing respiratory problems and infections, allergies or asthma. If you have damp and mould in your home, you are more likely to develop ongoing health issues, all the more reason to prevent and treat rising damp.

What Causes Rising Damp?

Blocked Stormwater Drains
Storm water run off can lead to a build up of water and dampness near your building. It is standard building practice today to ensure each building is protected by an impenetrable membrane. However, if this was not correctly installed in the first instance, and therefore your building not armoured against this ongoing dampness, you will be at a high risk of experiencing rising dampness within your home, and the ongoing consequences of it.
We use the latest technology to locate any blockages and fix them to ensure your drains are flowing and debris-free. Furthermore, we can implement a plan of action to ensure the flow of water will not collect near your home and cause structural issues.

Leaking Shower Bases
If unbeknownst to you, your shower base is leaking water onto the ground, there is the likelihood that this could be an originating location for rising damp to start. There are a number of tests we can undertake to determine whether your shower base is leaking apart from the drain. If you suspect a shower base leak, give us a call and we will come and inspect it for you, and fix the problem.

Subsoil Drainage Issues
Subsoil drainage is installed to ultimately protect the structure of your home from any water damage. However, if this has not been installed correctly, or if there is an issue with this system, rising damp can be the consequence of the water penetrating your home. We have a number of steps we can implement to fix the drainage systems surrounding your home. These actions will ensure there is no water build up where it will cause problems to the foundations of your home, and where rising damp can start. Give us a call today if you feel as though you are experiencing subsoil drainage issues.

Blocked And Leaking Down Pipes
Unfortunately blocked and leaking drains and down pipes commonly go undetected. This is one of the bigger contributors to rising damp than homeowners may realise. Any blocked drain needs to find a place to escape. Similarly, if a pipe is leaking, the water will locate the lowest point and naturally flow towards it. This water build up will naturally find the path with the least resistance in order to keep flowing. Consequently this will also mean penetrating your home. This is where Wild Water Plumbing can help. If you suspect you have a blocked and leaking down pipe, get in touch today. Delaying this problem may cause greater problems down the track.
Roof Leaks

When faced with ongoing wet weather, leaking roofs can cause long term problems on the integrity of your building structure. The trick is to locate the leak in the first place. When the water collects from the leak, and has no where to escape, it will naturally cause dampness. If you suspect you have a leaking roof, it’s time to call in the professionals, not only to locate the leak but to prevent a build up of rising damp.

Leaking Water Pipes
Do you suspect your pipes may be damaged? Are you seeing unexplained puddles in the backyard? If left unattended, any cracks and breakages within your pipe system can cause a structural problem for your building. Aside from calling Wild Water Plumbing to test your pipes, be sure to keep an eye out for any wet areas where there shouldn’t be. These leaking pipes will lead to dampness which in turn can lead to a case of rising damp. Wild Water Plumbing use all the latest technologies to locate a water leak and fix it before rising damp becomes a problem for you and your family.

What Are The Solutions?
With our 11+ years in the industry, Wild Water Plumbing are dedicated to getting to the bottom of your rising damp problem. As with any plumbing-related issue, call Wild Water Plumbing for a free assessment, valued at $250, and we’ll be at your premises faster than you can say rising dampness.