What To Do If You Think You Have Mould

by | Jun 7, 2022

Realising there is mould spreading throughout one’s home can be extremely stressful. Homeowners become frantic with worry and panic sets in as they search for DIY removal methods and quick-fix mould remediation solutions. You may find yourself scouring the internet for cleaning detergents promising a mould-free home and spending countless dollars to eradicate the spread. Before you know it, the mould is back and you have wasted significant time and effort trying to reduce it.

Mould is a reality that many of us do not prioritise until it becomes an unmanageable problem in our homes. It can be a serious health hazard and result in costly bills piling up in the future. Most people are unsure of what mould is, how to test for mould or who to call for help. This article can assist you in preventing mould build-up or from worsening in the future.

How Do I Know If This Is Mould?

Trying to distinguish between mould and dirt can be difficult for the untrained eye. This is often the reason why so many homeowners dismiss mould build-up until it’s too late. The black dots in common areas can be any of these two. By identifying these dark spots around your house, you have a better chance of isolating the spread. Prevalent areas of this fungus are generally moist areas such as specific bathrooms and en-suites or even the kitchen. A quick way to determine what you are looking at is using commercial bleach on the spots. If they start to seemingly disappear, it points to mould. If they do not disappear, it is probably dirt.

Once you have concluded that you have mould, what’s your next step?

Finding The Source

Starting with the interior, look out for plumbing leakages as this can be the usual source of your mould outbreak. By opening taps, you can check physically for leaks in the area around. In bathrooms, grouting, shower doors, tap fixtures, walls in living areas or bathrooms, and ceilings are where mould is normally found. Give our team a call to analyse the mould patches to identify whether the cause of your mould build up is plumbing and drainage related.

Another area to consider is the exterior of your house. If there is inadequate drainage around your home, or if there is a water leak, it can lead to mould on your ceilings and walls. Noticing areas of mould in your cupboards are also concerning and can indicate a broader mould problem. The Wild Water Plumbing mould remediation services can help you quickly trace the source of the mould inside or outside.

Removing mould can feel if you have tried to remove it, only to see it reappear again. Firstly, take a moment to test for mould, and then give the Wild Water Plumbing team a call and from our extensive experience, we will be able to let you know if it is a mould problem that we are able to fix due to a blocked drain, poor drainage, or even a water leak.

Wild Water Plumbing are mould experts equipped to identify the source of the mould, fix the underlying issue and eradicate it effectively. Call our professional team in Northern Beaches or the North Shore for any mould removal or remediation problems you may have. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients say:


Robert Kery

Lucas and his team were excellent in solving a difficult drainage problem for us. We had periodic water intrusion into our downstairs rumpus room causing mould behind some cupboards. When I requested quotes from alternate plumbers they focussed on the location of the intrusion, whereas Lucas suggested checking all existing stormwater pipes to ensure the source was not from elsewhere. Sure enough he was right. There were multiple leaks in the stormwater piping contributing to the problem. His team then relined the relevant pipes and installed a new drain and pump. The work was done quickly and professionally over the December January holiday period. We very much appreciate his thorough and timely work, and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone needing work.


Rhiannon Chapman

Lucas and his team were easy to work with. They completed a drainage job at our house in North Balgowlah with ease. We were consulted throughout the process regularly, the team was courteous and polite and they cleaned up their work neatly. More importantly they ensured that the drainage they were doing would actually work. We’d use them again in a heartbeat.