What to know before renovating your plumbing

by | Jul 19, 2015

Well planned bathroom plumbing makes all the difference to the functionality scope.

If you’ve ever planned a home renovation before, you’ll know that the plumbing aspect can be one of the biggest jobs. At Wild Water Plumbing, your plumber Northern Beaches, we’ve pretty much seen it all, from massive new builds to smaller extensions and everything in between. We know a thing or two about the process and most importantly, how to make it as pain free and cost effective as possible.

Locking down an experienced plumber who knows the area and aesthetic of surrounding properties well can make all the difference between creating a beautiful, functional bathroom for years to come, and missing the mark. Start your planning process out on the right foot by considering the following early in the game:

Do you need council approval?

If you’re planning on shifting pipes and changing the foundations of your space then you will most likely need input from the council. This usually involves approval and inspection which can be a lengthy process. Keeping the original layout of your plumbing but making changes that don’t directly alter the structure or services is a clever way to go about your renovations. It will save you time and money and also makes choosing easier as you’ll narrow down your choices with fittings and fixtures that are adaptable to what you already have in place.

What do you really want and need?

A renovation without a concrete plan is a renovation bound to run into trouble. This is especially true with trickier wet areas that involve plumbing. Putting together a plan that touches on your current and future needs, what works and what doesn’t and a firm budget can be a very helpful tool. This will also give you an idea as to how major your renovations might be, whether you’ll need council approval and/or planning permission and which professionals you’ll need to engage to help. An experienced plumber can help assess your plans and whether or not they are going to be viable. Call us at Wild Water, your Northern Beaches Plumber for a no obligation quote on your renovation or upgrade.

What is your time frame?

When undertaking a project with a bathroom renovation, having an idea of time frame and a plan on how you’ll manage during that time is important. Realistically, any kind of upgrade is going to take some time while a full knock down, rebuild will most likely take between 6-8 weeks. If you’re renovating your bathroom, you’re going to need to make arrangements as to where you’ll be going to the toilet and showering during that time. If you’re considering renovating multiple bathrooms, think about staggering the work so that one is always in operation.

Who do you need in your team?

A successful renovation requires a good support team of qualified professionals. Whether you’re choosing to DIY some aspects and project manage yourself or outsourcing the whole thing, making sure you assemble a team who understand your needs and budget and are licensed and experienced in their field, is key to avoiding disaster. It’s a good idea to collect several quotes for each service before you lock anyone in.

Here at Wild Water Plumbing, your Plumber Northern Beaches way, we offer a free, no obligation quote for your project. With over 11 years experience in the local area we’ve seen our fair share of renovations big and small. Fully licensed and familiar with the Australian Standards, we can even and advise on the fixtures and layout that will best optimise your space. Call us today for more information.