by | Oct 25, 2019

As with most of the mechanics within our home, our hot water system isn’t something that we give much thought to. That is, until it stops working and you leap out of the shower with a shriek from icy water.

How Old Is Your Hot Water System?

If your Hot Water system is only a few years old and is giving you problems, then it’s quite likely that a repair job is all that is needed. If however, your system was installed around about the same time that we moved from horses to cars, then it most likely needs to be replaced.

The best way to gauge the age of your hot water system is to locate it and look at it. New cylinders and fittings can be pretty easily distinguished from the systems from the Stone Age. If you’re unsure, call in the professional hot water repairers in Sydney, like Wild Water Plumbing.

Good practice from reputable plumbers on the northern beaches will be to put a sticker on any system that they repair or install with a date so that you have a good idea of exactly when it was last seen by a professional.

  • Your Geyser Is Making Odd Noises
    Odd noises are never good, whether they are in your car, your spouse or your hot water cylinder. If you begin to hear unusual hisses, bangs or squeaks coming from your hot water system, it could be sediment breaking loose and banging around within your system. Best to call a plumber right away!
  • Discoloured Water
    If you turn your taps on, and the hot water comes out brown and yucky, you may have a problem. This can be caused by rust or the aforementioned sediment in your system. Either way, it’s not a good sign, and no one wants to bathe in brown water. Get hold of a plumber now!
  • Dampness around the area of your hot water system
    If you have a puddle forming around your water system, it’s a sign that you may have a hole in your geyser. Not only is this bad for your geyser, but it can cause additional problems for your home too! Furthermore, this means that your hot water system is working twice as hard and using double the energy to keep reheating the replaced water caused by the leak.
  • Lukewarm Water
    You turn the shower on and wait for the comforting stream of hot water to begin…. And wait…. And wait…. If your hot water tap is on full blast and you’re still not getting water that is hot enough, your element may be going or have already failed. A good hot water installation professional can come to your Sydney home and take a reading to see if your geyser’s element is blown, and what may need replacing.