by | Oct 17, 2022

An outdoor shower is the perfect thing for you and your family to enjoy as we move into the warmer months of the year. Outdoor showers have many great uses from cooling down on a hot day to cleaning children and pets.

In this blog post, we look at different reasons why an outdoor shower installed by expert plumbers is the perfect addition for your home this summer.

Outdoor Showers Make the Ideal Pool House And Changing Area

After enjoying a relaxing dip in the pool, there’s nothing better than being able to rinse off all the pool water in an outdoor shower. By having an outdoor shower and changing area, you can avoid dripping water inside, and the awkward run/walk inside that often happens if you don’t have an outdoor shower.

Cool Off On A Hot Day

Don’t have a pool or beach near you, but are tired of being stuck indoors all day and needing to cool down? An outdoor shower is a perfect way to take a break and experience nature at the same time! Having an shower outdoors is a great opportunity to cool off and feel refreshed, particularly during our hot summer months. What’s more, an outdoor shower is also a great way to cool down and wash off the sweat after a run or outdoor activity.

Rinse Off The Sand After A Trip To The Beach

The best trips to the beach involve a lot of sand, salt water, sunscreen and maybe a little ice cream too. These, however, are not something you want to bring into your house. Therefore, a quick post-beach rinse and clean outdoors is the perfect solution to keeping your home sand-free. This makes an outdoor shower the ideal way to finish any trip to the beach and feel refreshed.

Perfect For Cleaning Your Pets

An outdoor shower gives lots of space to clean your pets, especially after they’ve come with you to the beach or on a long walk. It’ll help keep the mud out of your house, dog hair out of your drain and soap from getting splashed all over your bathroom!

Get Off The Dirt Post Gardening

An outdoor shower is wonderful to use after a spot of gardening, to help wash all the dirt off and feel refreshed after your hard work. An outdoor shower can be used not only to clean yourself, but can also be used to wash any gardening tools and muddy shoes. You can even water your plants while using the shower by placing some pot plants under the shower head and making sure no water goes to waste!

Create A Resort-Like Experience In Your Own Home

An outdoor shower can be your very own relaxation station helping to clear your mind after a busy day of work. Having an outdoor shower adds a sense of luxury to your everyday life, where you can have your own spa-like space to unwind and enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Enjoy all these amazing benefits and add some luxury to your home this summer with an outdoor shower. At Wild Water Plumbing, we are experts in creating the perfect outdoor shower space for your home. Just give us a call to find out more today!