Bathroom Renovations or Upgrades

Is your home in need of a revamp? Are you renovating an investment property? Casually getting around to building your dream home or extending your current home with a new wet area? Bathroom renovation can increase the value of your property very quickly and low cost can still have maximum impact.

Renovating a bathroom doesn’t need to be mayhem. Having the right hands on deck from the beginning makes a large difference in the overall process of your bathroom renovation. Knowing your budget upfront and getting an experienced plumber involved prior to tearing the existing bathroom to pieces can save you trade time down the track. A good licensed plumber knows whether your existing fixtures can be reutilised, the Australian Standards for space requirements around things like toilets, and can even make recommendations as to where to spend and where you can save money.

#TIP – Keep the original layout of your plumbing so as not to incur the added cost of moving the pipes in the foundation. This will save you in time, money and effort and makes selecting your fixtures and fittings more predictable.


Our Bathroom services include:

1 New Build or Extension

Whether you are starting fresh on your new home from the foundation up, or extending your existing one to include a new bathroom, we’re here to help. Getting a plumber in early can be the difference between getting exactly what you want, and having to compromise later. With the way we live today, it’s great to plan for future use of the property and not just slap something together so the builder is happy upfront. Consider your lifestyle, the future residents of the property, resale value and if you are living in it – what you find important in a bathroom. After all – you’re paying for it!

#TIP – Shop around on your trades – but make sure your quotes are apples for apples.

2 Satisfaction Guarantee

Getting your bathroom renovated is hell if you live in the property while the work is underway. Speed of service and working to a finite deadline are essential to get you back to your regular routine pronto. At Wild Water Plumbing, we take great pride in ensuring our work is completed tidily, to schedule and to a quality exceeding your expectations. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all our job sites. We want to work together to give you the most stress free bathroom renovation possible!

#TIP – Getting your builder to help you with selecting trades can be more convenient, but isn’t always the most affordable or flexible option. Consider doing some research yourself for the style you want to achieve.

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We’ll offer you affordable upfront costs without the grey area. We look forward to seeing your ideas for the space and making the dream come true for you. If calling is hard work for you, fill out a contact form here.

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