Hot water installation and repair

Waking up to find out your hot water system has broken down is something that most Sydneysiders have experienced at some point. If you are unlucky enough to have it happen in winter, the shock of freezing cold water when you’re still waking up, is a memory you’ll probably never forget.

Some of the hot water heater plumbing services we offer include:

  •      Sales of domestic and commercial hot water heaters
  •      Installation of hot water heaters
  •      Maintenance and hot water heater repairs
  •      Hot water heater emergency plumbing
  •      Hot water installation sydney.

Learn more about our hot water services:


It’s for times like these that you need to call your local plumbing service, Wild Water Plumbing. We have been fixing solar, gas and electric hot water heaters for years. We can repair it quickly and efficiently, so that your household can start their day with a luxurious hot shower, saving you having to listen to any complaints.


We supply top quality solar, gas and electric domestic and commercial hot water heaters, that have been tried and tested for performance and durability. Save yourself the inconvenience of shopping around and purchase a hot water heater through our North Shore plumbing business. All of our hot water heaters are backed by a comprehensive guarantee and professional after sales service, and we are happy to advise you on their right capacity to suit your needs. We can also arrange professional installation for a competitive rate.


Our North Shore plumbers have the expertise to install a solar, gas or electric hot water heater in your home or business with minimal delay, ensuring you don’t breach your warranty conditions. We operate in the local and surrounding regions, and if you purchase your hot water heater through us, also provide warranty servicing free-of-charge.


We offer warranty servicing, as well as regular scheduled maintenance for clients throughout the North Shore and Northern Beaches. We also provide a detailed report after the maintenance is completed outlining the condition of your hot water heater and any parts we’ve replaced. Invest in scheduled maintenance for your domestic or commercial hot water heater to avoid costly future repairs or having to replace your system prematurely. Contact us for hot water system cronulla and hot water installation sydney.


If you need domestic or commercial hot water heater breaks down at an inconvenient time, you can rely on Wild Water Plumbing for emergency hot water heater repairs. We are available 24/7 for gas, solar and electric hot water heater repairs, and will dispatch a service vehicle promptly for emergency repairs or replacement.

We repair most models of hot water heaters from leading brands:

  •      Solahart
  •      Rheem
  •      Saxon
  •      Edwards
  •      Aquamax
  •      Vulcan
  •      Edison
  •      Dux
Lucas from Wild Water PLumbing Northern Beaches

Wild Water Plumbing supplies your total North Shore hot water heater repairs, servicing, maintenance and installation needs.

Contact us if you have any queries about the systems or services we provide, or to arrange an appointment.

Lucas the Plumber from Wild Water Plumbing