Rainwater Tank Installation

We love our environment, and we love our great Sydney weather! There’s nothing quite like the sea and the sun, going for a big walk and having a nice day out with the family. As a harbour city, we love the water based lifestyle that Sydney offers.

But when the weather turns bleak – and it can happen in a seconds notice, we like to know we are storing that precious resource that falls from the sky! The rain might be ruining your Saturday, but it’s really helping nurture our wildlife and ecosystems.

Installing a rainwater tank is your step as a Sydney residence to help ease the burden on our water supply and save your hip pocket a penny or two along the way. For a marginal upfront cost, you are doing the city  – and yourself – a favour!

Uses of Rainwater

Rain water isn’t safe to drink, but is perfectly good to use for your toilets, laundry and garden requirements. You are also able to use your rainwater tank to fill the backyard pool which is a huge saving on the water bill! In our hot summers, it’s a real help to be able to use your stored water supplied by Mother Nature herself – instead of the Sydney water supply – which costs you money! Get your irrigation system set up on tank water and you won’t have to worry about water restrictions again.

1 Rainwater Tank Installation

Rainwater tank installation needs to adhere to your local council guidelines and a new rainwater tank needs to be connected by a licensed NSW plumber. You need to check with your local council as to whether you need permission in your area to install a tank as different regulations apply in different areas. The water stored in the tank is excellent for washing clothes, flushing toilets and watering the garden, so is a liquid asset to your home.

2 Which Rainwater Tank is right for my house?

The size of your tank depends entirely on the fall area that your roof allows. You might be better off to have 2 small tanks strategically positioned over one large tank, should space permit. Underground tanks can be practical for space, but can be expensive so it’s worth looking at all your options. Your roof can have a cover of dust, so it’s important to keep your gutters clean and leaf guards clear to avoid contaminating the rainwater supply. To prevent nasty mosquito infestations, it’s important to maintain the insect protection barriers.

The long term benefits of having a rainwater tank installed far outweigh the upfront cost – both to your hip pocket, and the environment. Doing your part for our environment with the added benefit of saving you money long term? Is there even a question as to whether you should install a rainwater tank?

Solving Your Plumbing Problems

You can have your tank installed and fitted off by a licensed NSW plumber and ready to use as soon as the skies open up! Call us at Wild Water Plumbing today to discuss your rainwater tank requirements on 0405 692 151 or Contact Us here.

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